Privacy policy

Qualified Writers brings you a progressed level of confidentiality in terms of protecting your personal information and the work that we deliver you which allows the visitors and customers to approach us and make the most of our best academic writing services. Furthermore, we function productively on behalf of the following rules of privacy policy, so have a look below at them:

  • Our rules and regulations are monitored and upgraded frequently to become well-maintained for the effectiveness of the visitors and customers. Moreover, we focus strongly on the resolute quality and legality of our working process and services, thus once you come here, you are affirmed of excellent and infallible work.
  • Cookies hold great importance as it refers to all the records which are transferred to our web browser when any visitor steps on our site. According to the cookies, we make use of cookies to hone the online experience of the visitors and customers of our site. The foremost benefit of cookies is that it subsidizes significantly in dissecting the web traffic along with categorizing the visitors to our site. Therefore, cookies operate a vital role in enhancing our site and its aspects according to the specifications of customers.
  • When any visitor reaches out to us, our auto-created framework associated with our website automatically recognizes them and saves some fraction of their information such as IP address, time, and date of visiting, web browser used and little data of the working framework through which they land on our site.
  • We also have a policy of assembling some information of the visitors at different points of time such as at the time of getting registered, booking an order, etc. to notify you of any kind of offer made by us. In addition to this, the information encompasses the name, address, credit card, e-mail id, country, phone numbers, etc.
  • Should you are concerned about your personal information and details that you do not want to share or expose, then let us state you that we make our customers 100% certain of its security since it is our primary responsibility to safeguard your personal details by all means. Moreover, the information constitutes email id, name, contact number, credit card number, and other specific details. Consequently, if you have any doubt regarding your privacy, then stop worrying, your trust matters the most to us and we would never leave you in lurch.
  • Wrapping up, Qualified Writers possesses the authority to work upon the welfare of the customers by refining its rules and policies. Thus, if any point of the policy needs modifications in any aspect or any time, we would make sure to augment it to the next level for our customers’ betterment. In this manner, the customers are requested to stay updated and frequently review the privacy policy page to enjoy numerous benefits.