Terms & Conditions

Imperative Aspects of Order Placing

The order ways allude to the guidelines an individual gives to the writer to finish composing of his/her paper in an appropriate and clear way. Hence, it is obliged that at whatever point you submit a request, you have to provide clear data that can be easily comprehended and managed. If any sort of mistake is made by the client at the time of providing requirements and filling the order form, we will not be accountable to make any sort of changes in the order. You cannot even demand a refund. However, if you notify the mistake before the processing and delivery of order then your request would be accepted and changes will be made as per your demand.

Conditions of Order Delivery

At QualifiedWriters.com, writers are very focused on the deadline provided by the customers for their order. It is our top priority to deliver you the order by the deadline so that you do not have to face any sort of trouble in your academic career. However, we would like to notify you about the setting of deadlines. Suppose you want your order to be delivered within 5 days then the delivery date would be calculated from the day you place your order, not from the time when you came for confirmation. For instance, you placed your order on 1-1-2016 then as per the deadline of 5 days the delivery of order becomes due on 5-1-2016. However, please be sure that placement of order means the date and time when you made payment, not the days when you provided us with the requirements. Thus, be sure to make timely payment if you want us to deliver your order on the decided deadline. Nevertheless, if due to any problem we are not able to deliver you the paper on the decided deadline, then you are free to ask for the refund.

Unlimited Revisions!!

Revision or amendment is one of the most significant concerns of students as most of the time they`re ditched on this matter. QulifiedWriters.com has solved this problem and provided students with the ability to ask for as many revisions they want. But make sure that there are some condition applicable to it, for instance, the revision would only be considered as valid if the mistake is on the side of the writer. Like if you made mistake in placing requirements for the order and want use to consider it as a revision, then it is not possible as things are assured and decided at the time of order placement. However, if you provided us with the proper requirements and the writer did not comprehend it properly then your revision will be considered as valid and we will provide you with the revision file till the time you get satisfied.

Want to Cancel Order??

We have introduced a new feature that is cancellation of the order in order to facilities our customers. Now you can easily cancel the order. For the purpose of cancelling the order, you can either request us to cancel it or by not making the payment. But in case, the work of writing has been started or completed for your order, then we are sorry to say that your order cannot be cancelled. We want you to notify the fact that we have the right to refuse or cancel the order in case of any problem. For this purpose, you can make interact directly with our online assistance with the help of live chat.

Facility of Refund

In terms of policy for refund, cash will be returned in the following mentioned situations:

  • In the event that your Visa or credit card is charged erroneously
  • In the event that your Visa or credit card is charged for any additional sum
  • In the event that we are not able to meet the order requirements or are not able to compose your paper as per the brief provided by you at the time of placing the order
  • Refund case will be opened with the management after receiving confirmation from the finance department ensuring any balance is fully paid
  • In case you are failed in the assignment/coursework/essay/dissertation, 100% refund will be provided, other terms may apply.
  • Accordingly, the organisation won`t be accountable to return the money, if any of the above circumstances do not happen.
  • You must clear your balance at the month-end. Such dues will be penalised with £99 after 30th of every month
  • We don`t miss your deadline, however, a refund will not be provided in case the company is unable to match your deadline.
  • Customers making direct chargeback from the merchant will not be facililated by us, and any corrective action will be taken place from the management.
  • Refund is not eligible to those who do not submit the completed work.
  • The refund will be provided within 20 days of order delivery.
  • It will take 3 to 5 business days to process your refund

£3000 No Plagiarism Guarantee

The company provides £3000 plagiarism guarantee in case your assignment is plagiarised with a TURNITIN score of more than 15%. The company will not be accountable for this guarantee in case your assignment matches with other student`s work. In order to claim your £3000, you must have a TURNITIN report provided by the company at the time of your order delivery. You can claim this within 10 days from the date of your order delivery. Title page, Table of Contents as well as References page will not be counted in the plagiarism percentage. Moreover, it takes at least 25 Days to process your claim. 


All customers are eligible to acquire discounts as per the given Discount Codes specifically. Please note that orders with more than 1000 words / 4 pages are eligible for discounts. Customers with technical reports are not eligible for any discount offered by the company. You will not be given discounts in case software or programming language/coding have to be used. In case you have used the incorrect discount code, either you will have to pay the remaining balance, or in case if you have made an extra payment, extras will be refunded.

Revision Policy

Revisions are free of cost. It may take up to 24 hours to revise the work. However, extra £25 will be charged in case of urgency.

Service Disclaimer

Students approve the fact that the services of research and writing provided here will be considered only for the purpose of reference. Students are responsible for reading and editing the document and in case they want us to change or add anything in the paper, they can ask us accordingly.