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Accreditation Requirement
Acute Pancreatitis - Case Study
Acute Pancreatitis - Case Study
The aim of this coursework is to show evidence of an understanding of critical thinking, clinical reasoning and evidence based practice, with the focus being on imaging used for diagnosis. You are asked to produce a fictitious case study of a patient presenting with a suspected pathology. Read more
Behavioral Health Optimization Program
Behavioral Health Optimization Program Applied Research Evaluation in Mental Health Counseling Read more
Management and Marketing Strategies
Profitably could be better measured if companies adopted an alternative accounting method that truly reflected economic reality and could therefore improve the likelihood of business success. REQ: You are to produce an individual report that considers the reasons the statistics of business failure and also explore the current concepts of accounting relating to the preparation of financial statements and the concept of profitability Read more
International Marketing
Review of entrepreneur (Steve Baxter) - Global Entrepreneurship
Name of subject : Global Entrepreneurship (7934) Assignment name: Review of entrepreneur (Steve Baxter) Words : 2,101 Read more
Critically evaluate factors influencing motivation in e-learning
Critically evaluate factors influencing motivation in e-learning Read more
ASB 3101 Human Resource Management - Answer
Conflict in group formation and Leadership: implications for HRM Read more
Australia – A Country Risk Report
Write a country risk report on a country of your liking – with emphasis on foreign exchange and sovereign risk Read more
Business Planning
1 - What is the prospective impact of a business plan on the strategic planning of a program? Support your response with references to the logic model and program theory models. 2 - How does business planning relate to program planning? Support your response with an example from the literature. Read more
It is noticed that numerous theorists have identified that integrated marketing is crucial towards the fruitful execution of a venture. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) associates to the method which has been implemented by a business in its procedures of branding and directing communication determinations for the numerous products which are produced and displayed for purchasing in the market. As per Gabrielli & Balboni (2010), IMC denotes to the broad plan which a business carries to assess its strategic objectives of communicating the services or products it compacts with as well as the way to pool those services in a way that augments simplicity, maximum communication influence, and clearness Read more
The Empowerment of the Relationship between the Coach and the Athlete - Literature Review
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Benefits of a Coach and Player Relationship on Game Play Player and coach relationships and their feedback Difference in Theories about Relationships between Amateur Players and Elite Players Critically Analyse the Role that Sports Science Currently Plays in the Work Done at the Placement How Sports Science may contribute in Other Ways in the Future Read more
The Analysis and Specification of Manufacturing Processes - Mechanical Engineering
Introduction PDC (Poly crystalline diamond compact) bit is the most important advancement in materials that are used for drilling tasks on oilfields. Oilfields have requirements for well drilling that leads to extraction of natural resources beneath the geological formations. Well drilling is the process of drilling holes in earth. Well drilling can be done either manually or mechanically with the different equipment for desired purpose. Equipment varies according to their sophistication; simple ones are cheap while very sophisticated ones are quite expensive (Bejarano et al, 2006, p.2). Read more
Law of Evidence - Essay
Cases such as Pace [2014] EWCA Crim 186; Palmer [2014] EWCA Crim 1681 and Moore (Mia) [2013] EWCA Crim 85 demonstrate that the law has gone too far in permitting random virtue testing by law enforcement officers CASE STUDIES AND ESSAY WRITING SERVICES Read more
The Effects of Various pH and Temperature on the Enzyme Activity of Phytase - Biology
Abstract Background: Phytases (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolases) catalyse the release of phosphate from phytic acid myo-inositol hexakisphosphate (InsP6) and is the major phosphorus-storage form in plants, including most cereals and legumes. Methodology/Principal Findings: The influences of pH on phosphatase activity on wheat phytase were investigated. Para-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP) was used as substrate .This allows more varied experimental procedure to be conducted as InsP6 is readily precipitated by many metals and other conditions. Using pNPP, we are able to determine the effect on the enzyme. Citric acid (0.1M) and trisodium citrate (0.1M) allowed us to select a range of pH values (3 – 6) at which phytase activity could be tested. A calibration curve was prepared using a standard p-nitrophenol. Conclusions/Significance: The pH optimum for phytase, using pNPP as substrate was pH 6. The activity rapidly fell away (Vmax 0.048 + 0.002moles/min at pH 6, 0.0075 + 0.0003moles/min at pH 3. Changing the pH did not affect the Km.   Read more
Factors Influencing Crowdfunding - Essay Assignment
Analyse the factors that influence crowdfunding method for financing UK corporation Read more
Global Supply Chain Management
Introduction International incorporation and interdependence because of global sourcing and distribution have established manufacturing further complicated, dynamic and unreliable. The consequence of these has supported to growth in the complexity and length of Pharmaceutical supply chains thereby establishing systems for the supply of Pharmaceutical products less foreseeable, further vulnerable and so riskier. Read more
Communication relating to end-of-life care - Essay
Introduction The objective of end-of-life (EOL) communication and decision making is to develop s shared understanding related to individual`s values and treatment preferences, which lead the plan for care, which is constant with values and preferences. However, improvement in communication includes decision making with the EOL that is recognised with high priority from family and patient`s aspect (Gjerberg et al., 2015). Read more
Motivation - Case Study - Quality Footwear Ltd - Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
1. Introduction It can be said that motivation within the workforce plays a key role in the overall productivity of the organisation. Pinder (2014) noticed that motivated staffs mean highly productive workers, which ultimately assists in accomplishing the overall goals and objectives of the organisation. Thus, substantial measures of motivating the workers should be made in order to be effective in the competitive business environment. This paper demonstrates the definition of motivation and its theory. It further reviews the case study of Quality Footwear Ltd and states the key differences between old and new management. In addition, Application of Maslow theory is also discussed and key recommendations are highlighted. Read more
Macro Factors in the UK`s Economy - STEEPLE Analysis
Introduction It has been observed that numerous economies and businesses have shifted imperatively and have transformed themselves into this contemporary era. There are certain micro as well as macro factors that influence these economies in both optimistic and undesirable ways and for this purpose, macro factors affecting the economy of the UK with the use of STEEPLE analysis are demonstrated. Read more
Entrepreneurial Success of a Business Owner
Introduction Entrepreneurship is the procedure of beginning a business, a new business or other association. The business visionary adds to a marketable strategy, obtains the human and other obliged assets, and is completely in charge of its prosperity or disappointment. Business enterprise works inside of a business enterprise biological system. Actually, the business visionary`s recognition, business information, and craftsmanship assume a vital part, yet as we would see it the identity of the business visionary is significantly more critical. "How emphatically does the representative trust in himself and the achievement of his business?" "How industrious is the forthcoming pioneer when setbacks take after consistently?" "How definitive can the business person be in changing dangers into business opportunities?" These are only a couple of the circumstances that entrepreneurs must manage, and there is most likely not everybody can adapt to these circumstances. Read more
Anorexia - Essay
Introduction: According to Paul, et al (2014), anorexia is known as an eating disorder described independent from anyone else instigated starvation and over the top weight reduction. It can be brought on by various things joined together, and is typically distinctive for everybody. The paper discusses the causes and effects as well as signs and treatments of the disease. Read more
The Influence of Consumer Behaviour on Marketing Strategy - Intercontinental Hotel
Introduction: Consumer behaviours regulate the form of marketing strategy that companies, for example, hotel businesses work, this is why they carry out researches and studies in order to decide which approaches are probable to determine most meritoriously. Hotel businesses are required to recognise the associates of their targeted spectators and their requirement, the place they are situated as well as the method they would respond to product advancements. Read more
International Marketing
1. Introduction 1.1. History Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbons Sport, which was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. It is the American multinational corporation that manufactures and deals in equipment, footwear, accessories, apparel, and others. It is the largest multinational retailers of athletic shoe apparel and sports equipment. It has its world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Currently, it is operating in more than 930 retail stores in more than 190 countries as an online and physical retailer (Nike Inc., 2016). Read more
Strategic Management - Assignment
Introduction This report is designed to look into the strategic management practices and strategic decision making of TopShop. TopShop is the British based clothing company operating its business all over the world with almost about 510 retail outlets. The brand is mainly associated with fashion and is the major sponsor of many fashion shows of London. This report thrives on analysing the practices of the company in strategic management This report will also cover the responsibilities, decision-making, and the planning process of TopShop and how it is influencing the strategic management practices of the company. Furthermore, the report will also cover the opportunities and approaches used by the company in its strategic management practices for expanding Topshop business. Read more
Energy from Waste Management and Reduction in Pakistan
Research Proposal Abstract The aim of this study is to evaluate the waste management and reduction practices along with the utilisation of it in order to generate energy in Pakistan. For this purpose, the case study of Lahore will be used so that specific information related to the topic is provided. It is noticed that Pakistan is the 6th largest population country, which demonstrates that waste problem is high in the country due to extensive population growth. In Pakistan, waste is produced on a large scale but it is not utilised effectively to generate energy. Although the country makes use of some of the waste but more than half of the waste is left behind which can be used to produce energy such as heat and electricity to more country economically viable. In this proposed study only secondary data will be gathered which will be obtained from different studies available on the generation of energy from waste management and reduction in Pakistan. Read more
Home Schooling, Freedom of Expression and Equal Opportunities
Introduction Education is divided into different perspectives that help in providing quality education to students. For the purpose of providing quality education, there are different features in education that must be considered as it helps them in dealing with the students more effectively and efficiently. In this paper, three different aspect of education that is homeschooling, freedom of expression and equal opportunities are discussed and the ways in which they assist in providing quality education. The role of these towards education is elaborate along with the views of different philosophers. These views are compared and the difference in their opinion related to the three contexts is provided in the paper. Read more
Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance
Accounting is a wide concept and is linked with some of the social aspects, which are not followed by many of the organisations. It is noticed that changes must be made in the existing regulatory systems to make sure that accounting becomes more socially responsible. This aspect needs to be considered precisely to make sure that accounting regulators are acting in the public interest. The main of the essay is to identify the issues and make proper recommendations related to those issues so that accounting procedures can be made more socially responsible. For this purpose, relationship between accounting and finance theory, the role of regulations in the production and dissemination of financial information and current accounting issues in respect to social concerns are provided. Read more
Child Labour: The Impact of Factory Acts in Nineteenth Century Britain
Introduction Child labour is becoming the increasing problem in the world because many of the factories are employing younger children. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the impact of the Factory Act on the child labour. For this purpose, the Factory Act 1833 (Althorp’s Act) and the Factory Act 1844 (Graham’s Factory Act) are used for evaluating the impact of legislation on child labour. Read more
Measurement Instrumentation in Forensic Science - Murder Analysis
1.0. Aims In the course of recent years, the forensic sciences have made sensational scientific leaps forward (DNA writing, physical confirmation databanks as well as new scientific instrumentation) yet researches are expected to survey the commitment of such headways on the part and effect of scientific proof in criminal case preparing. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the use of measurement instrumentation in a murder case. It emphasises the instruments that were used in the murder. For this reason, a murder case has been evaluated. Read more
Impact of Globalisation on International Firms – Coca-Cola
In the current competitive market and the era of globalisation has reduced the space and distance between the cultures, different of taste, product and service diversity and other and has create the urge for the company to focus on their operations, working strategies, products and services while determining their business in the global marketplace (Uzkurt, et al., 2013) Read more
Sociology and Politics - General Strike
Introduction At the point when the whole workforce of a city sets out its devices and declines to resume work until specific requests are met, it is known as a General Strike. Furthermore, the thought first originated from the nineteenth-century revolutionaries, who did not constitute a workforce but rather were individuals of hostile to statist feelings. It is finished by a larger part of the labourers in key commercial ventures all through a nation in a specific area of the nation. In addition, this kind of strike is distinctive in both size and plan than that of a strike against a particular firm or industry. Besides, specifically, a general strike includes for all intents and purposes each union paying little mind to industry or occupation. What`s more, the purpose of a general strike is to convey the economy to a stop as a method for compelling major auxiliary changes in the economy or society. Moreover, such a strike has been viably utilised now and again, but since it shuts down the economy and forces hardships on nearly everybody. This paper discusses the general strike in the context of Du Bois, Luxemburg, and Spivak and will further demonstrate if it is possible today. Read more
Financial Information-Daily Crest Group Incorporation
Question 1 Dairy Crest Group is a public limited organisation based in the United Kingdom. The most renowned brands of the organisation include Country Life butter and milk, Vitalite, Clover, and Cathedral City Cheddar cheese. Moreover, the organisation is known for delivering milk to more than 700,000 houses through their milk and more doorstep delivery business. The organisation is listed on the London Stock Exchange and it is a part of the FTSE 250 Index. Considering the products and services of the organisation under consideration, the principal activity includes the processing, manufacturing, and sales of fresh milk and dairy products not only in the United Kingdom but also in the Europe (Tracy, 2012). Read more
Environmental Improvement and Management Plan on Air Pollution
Introduction Air pollution is regarded as significant problem, which arises due to operations of organisations. It is noticed that businesses does to consider effective environmental programs that are necessary to make sure that sustainable and healthy atmosphere is maintained. In this paper, air pollution is discussed which can be controlled by making use of effective environmental plan. Action plan for implementing and monitoring environment improvement program is provided in the paper along with the discussion on environmental management system. This system is considered as the most effective means as it helps the firm in making their day-to-day operations effective in terms of environmental aspect. Moreover, corporate responsibility for British Petroleum is also elaborated in the paper with external reporting requirements for air pollution. Read more
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Question 1 Stakeholder and their Interests Stakeholder is one of the most important parts of any organisation particularly for those that are operating globally for the reason that they have to execute their duties viably in order to help the organisation to attain their set gaols and targets. In the considered case of BP, the stakeholders might involve in the process of offshore oil spill of Gulf of Mexico that can be separated by both external and internal stakeholders. Moreover, it is not in the interest of British Petroleum to pay additional amount money than the amount that they previously paid. However, paying additional amount could varnish the firm and other competitors might absorb it, or they just could go into insolvency might be dissolved. The simple reason that can encourage BP for paying additional money is to advance their company image, though they are previously spending many resources in this in a diverse manner, which has nothing to do with the issues (Dion, 2012). Read more
Ethical Consumerism
Executive Summary This report is revolving around the conception of ethical consumerism and it highlighting the importance of it for businesses. Ethical consumption is a significant factor to be considered by organisations because it has a tendency to influence the buying behaviour of consumers along with the profitability and position of the business. For this purpose, Marks and Spencer are selected in the report, which is regarded as the leading ethical high street fashion retailer. The discussion and results of online surveys support the point that ethnic values must be linked with operations of the company because customers now care for the process used in the production. Read more
Integrated Management System
Executive Summary The integrated management system is the system, which is used by organisations in order to manage the totality of its procedures so that objectives and goals can be met along with the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. It is analysed that an integrated management system combines all the features of a business into one system due to which the operations and management become convenient and easier. The organisation that is selected in this paper for integrating management system is Production Engineering Solutions, which is a member of the Subcon engineering show. For implementing an integrated management system, PES, which is already certified to ISO 9001, has now planned to integrate ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with the former standard. Moreover, the paper also illustrates the point that although there is the difference between these standards, their integrated proves to be very beneficial for the organisation. This is because it considers all the important features that are quality management, environment and health and safety. Each of these standards has their own specific speciality such as ISO 9001 emphasises on customer satisfaction while ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 focuses on the satisfaction of customers as well as other stakeholders. Therefore, the senior management team could implement an integrated management system because it would help in reaching the objectives through proper procedures, strategies, and policies. Read more
Coaching and Mentoring
Table of Contents 1- The Context of Coaching or Mentoring Practice 1.1- Introduction 1.2- Define Coaching and Mentoring 1.3- Differences between Coaching and Mentoring 1.4- Similarities in Coaching and Mentoring 1.5- Individual Barriers Coaching or Mentoring and overcoming it 1.5.1-Operational and Organisational barriers and overcoming it 1.6- Case of NHS 2- The Skills Behaviours, Attitude, Beliefs and Values of the Coach or Mentor 2.1- Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour of an Effective Coach or Mentor 2.2- Why Coaches or Mentors Require Effective Communication Skills 2.3- The Responsibilities of the Coach or Mentor to Manage Relationships 3- The Role of Contracting and the Process to Effectively Coach and Mentor 3.1- Process to be Followed When Formally Coaching or Mentoring 3.2- Rationale for and the characteristics of effective contracting within coaching or mentoring 3.3-The Role of Stakeholders in Coaching and Mentoring 3.4- Rationale for Supervision of Coaches 4- Understand the Principles of Effective Coaching and Mentoring in Practice and How to Evaluate Benefits 4.1- Elements required for effective and integrated coaching or mentoring 4.2- Benefits of Coaching or Mentoring References Read more
Employment: The European Dimension
This paper is aimed to discuss the progress of European Union for dismantling gender inequality in the context of employment. The paper is examining the recent EU legislation, policy issues with social and economic challenges faced by men and women. For this reason, certain comments on the solutions and development of EU can help alleviation of gaps in inequalities within employment. The European Union is referred as the European Economic Community consisting 27 member states. It was established by the Treaty of Maastricht on in 1993 on the foundations of the European Economic Community. It is then merged to improve the economic, political, and social interrelation among people residing in these countries (Walby, 2004) Read more
China as an Asian Strategic Power
Introduction China is the making efforts in order to become the great power in the world. It is noticed that the re-emergence of China as the great power in the next few years demonstrates that primary strategic challenge for the United States and Japan security alliance. The largest shift is expected in the global distribution of power due to rise in the economic, geopolitical, and military influences of China. Moreover, China is considered as the Asian strategic power because it is expanding and making efforts to provide different opportunities such as trading to other countries. They are also focusing on maintaining healthy competition with the different countries particularly the superpower that is the United States. The aim of this essay is to evaluate the Xi Jingping’s statement “new kind of great power relations” along with the assessment of China as the Asian Strategic Power. Read more
Business Plan-Management Accounting
Introduction Business plan is regarded as important for the organisations because it provides them with an overview of the costs and returns associated with the operations. The organisation for which business plan is prepared is the manufacturer of sports goods who is dealing with its products in the national, local, and international markets. The sports products are regarded as luxury products and their demand depends on the seasons such as their demand is more at the time of sports events such as Olympics. In this plan, important calculations and descriptions related to the considered business are provided for providing an overview of the expenses and revenues. Read more
IT Issues Faced in the Implementation of Magento in BGK
Abstract In a globe where milliseconds matters, constructing an e-commerce solution for uttermost performance is crucial. Consumers in the online sphere have developed progressively impatient, and slower response periods can shake transformation rates. Not only online dealers but companies that are still not offering online services such as BGK also need an e-commerce solution that can produce more and adapt speedily to changing e-commerce needs. In this particular project Magento would be implemented as a web based application for the procurement of the concerned business needs of BGK. Magento Enterprise Edition is intended to encounter and go beyond these requirements, offering flexible, powerful e-commerce platform that can easily scale as their businesses grow. Proper configuration of Magento Enterprise Edition together with applicable hardware and software mechanisms will prepare dealers with the tools required to meet their business needs (Parsons, 2001) Read more
Corporate Reporting: Not Just Profit, Not Just to Shareholders
Introduction The IIRC’s long term vision is a domain in which integrated thinking is entrenched within the typical business practice in the public and private sectors, expedited by Integrated Reporting IR as the corporate reporting standard. The phase and rotation of integrated thinking and reporting, ensuing in efficient and productive capital apportionment, will act as a force for financial constancy and sustainability. After the idea of a worldwide collaborative frame on integrated reporting, which was germinated in late 2009 finally was officially adopted and became a reality in the mid of 2010 Read more
Small Business Management-Case Study
Introduction In the current social media focused environment, it is crucial that small businesses comprehend Facebook, Twitter, and the strategies behind using social media for mounting their business. It is also essential for a small business to produce remarkable strategies so that it survives in the competitive market. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a strategy when they begin using social media. The purpose of this study is to understand how the owner of a small business, recognised for using social media to grow the business, uses social media to engage consumers, in order to enhance and grow business efficiently and effectively Read more
Psychology for Health and Social Care
Introduction This paper is based on the core idea of “Psychology” that is often used for the “Health and Social Care” of an individual. Moreover, this considered paper entails three different tasks; the first task particularly focused on the different theories of life span development, the second task specifically discuss the social and biological elements of an individual attitude that is displayed in the context of health and social care. In addition, the third and last task entail different psychological theories that are applied for the purpose of health and social care practice Read more
Framework of Investigation
Critically consider whether the recommendations made by Sir Michael Bichard concerning intelligence-sharing between police forces should be extended to include other agencies such as social care, the NSPCC, health authorities and schools. Read more
Finance for Managers
Introduction Financial evaluation is the process of evaluating the performance of the organisation in order to evaluate their strength and weaknesses. The aim of the report is to evaluate the public quoted company from the stance of a potential investor. For this purpose of evaluating the aim of the paper, WM Morrison is selected from the FAME database. The financial performance of the organisation is analysed in comparison to its competitor. For this purpose, ratio analysis is used along with the presentation of use and limitation of ratios. Moreover, the risk and opportunities for faced by Morrison is also described in this paper. Read more
Globalisation and International Marketing
Table of Contents Introduction Concept of Globalisation Concept of International Marketing Facets of Globalisation that Impact International Marketing Impact of Technological Factor on International Marketing Impact of Economic Factor on International Marketing Impact of Cultural Factor on International Marketing Impact of Political Factor on International Marketing Conclusion References Introduction Globalisation and international marketing are two important concepts that businesses have to consider in the current era. International marketing strategy is given importance because it is the means of entering markets of the world effectively. However, the globalisation has the strong impact on the international marketing. There are four different facets of globalisation that impacts international marketing which includes culture, technology, economic, and political. The impact of each of these four facets of globalisation on the international marketing is explained in the paper in the light of various previous researchers Read more
Leadership, Culture And Innovation Equal Determinants Of Strategic Change
Table of Contents Introduction Strategic Change Leadership and Strategic Change Culture and Strategic Change Innovation and Strategic Change Conclusion References Introduction Nowadays, business changes have become quite constant due to economic volatility, accelerating technology and globalisation. In such scenario, many businesses have to innovate, rethink and improvise their strategies completely. The aim of this paper is to provide detailed insight on the strategic change along with analysing whether the leadership, culture, and innovation are equal determinants of strategic change. Read more
Business Opportunity Report
Table of Contents Introduction Relating to Literature Entrepreneur Theories Mega and Future Trends Relation with Business Opportunity Analysis Mega Trend Applicable to Business Opportunity Conclusion References Introduction It is noticed that significant business opportunities are taking place in different sectors due to the rapid changing environment. Therefore, organizations need to identify the emerging opportunities that are taking place in their market or sector in order to make their business prosper. The aim of this paper is to identify and evaluate the impact of megatrends and emerging trends in a specified sector so that entrepreneurial business opportunities are recognized. The sector that is selected for this purpose is the retail sector of the UK market. Different trends are arising in this sector due to which the growth chances of the organisations operating in the retail are enhancing. This demonstrates that the emerging and mega trends in this sector are giving rise to significant business opportunities due to which this sector is growing immensely Read more
Organisational Responses to Responsible Enterprise Drivers
Table of Contents Introduction Key Sustainability Challenges faced by British Petroleum Water Challenges Climate Change Strategies to Address Challenges Water Challenges Climatic Change Impact of Challenge on the Society Impact of Water Impact of Climatic Change Approach of BP towards Waste Management Approach of BP towards Code of Practice and Other Ethical Issues Conclusion References Introduction The purpose of the report is to evaluate the context of sustainability as well as the issues that are faced by an organisation. The company that is selected for this purpose is British Petroleum because they had to face some significant sustainability issues in past few years. In order to answer the purpose of the report, some key sustainability challenges faced by the British Petroleum are highlighted. Two key challenges that have impacted the internal and external environment in the light of BP have been elaborated in the paper. Moreover, the approaches that are adopted by the British Petroleum towards waste management, code of practice, and other ethical issues are also presented in the paper Read more
Legislative Approach Taken To Control Solid Waste in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU)
Table of Contents Introduction Solid Waste Management Comparison of Legislative Approaches of UK and EU on Solid Waste Management United Kingdom Legislative Approach on Solid Waste Management Key Features of UK Waste Policy European Union Legislative Approach on Solid Waste Management Analysis Conclusion References Introduction Solid waste management is considered as the important concept because it assists in dealing with the environmental problems that arise due to waste. It is noticed that different legislations are introduced and implemented by different countries to deal with the problem of solid waste. The aim of this paper is to analyse the legislative and administrative control of environmental issues within countries. The comparison of the legislative approach of the United Kingdom and the European Union is presented in the paper. Moreover, the analysis of the environmental policy-making category for the United Kingdom is also analysed in the paper Read more
Use of Dust Masks in Dusty Workplace Environments
Dust masks which are called as nuisance mask are used commonly within construction areas in order to detect dust particles. The dust masks filter the solid particles present in the air and protect the individuals from inhaling them. However, they do not protect them from the chemical or organic based fumes due to which major health issues arises in the occupational areas. This means that dust mask is used only to protect the individual from the dust that can enter into the lungs when working in the dusty environment Read more
Labour Market Analysis
Table of Contents Introduction Analysis of Current Labour Market Trends Labour Market Trend of the United Kingdom Labour Market Trend of Human Resource Profession Impact of External Factors Influencing Work and Career Patterns PEST Analysis Political Factor Economical Factor Social Factor Technological Factor Analysis of Advertising, Recruitment and Selection Methods Hiring and Selection Practices Analysis of Relevant Professional Standards and Competences Conclusion References Introduction The aim of this paper is to analyse the labour trend of a particular profession in a certain country. In order to analyse this aspect, the United Kingdom is selected is the appropriate state because the employment trend of the company has improved. The paper is divided into four different tasks each of which is illustrating a view related to labour market analysis and trend in the profession of human resource management Read more
Monroe Doctrine
Table of Contents Introduction Concept of Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt Corollary Arguments on Monroe Doctrine Personal Opinion Conclusion References Introduction Monroe Doctrine is the policy that was developed by President James Monroe which focused on the aspect that any sort of interference done by external power in the political features of America will be considered as a hostile act against the United States. This policy emphasized on three aspects that are colonization, intervention, and interference. Monroe Doctrine is considered as the most important policy in the US because it helped them in supporting their policies from the impact of European power. They issued this policy in order to make sure that European power does not move in the United States. The concept of colonization is discussed in this paper by considering perspective of different authors. The arguments are presented with proper evidence and support from published data. The most imperative issue that found in Monroe doctrine is that it totally opposed the idea of colonialism that might be discouraging for those countries which are willing to take assistance from other developed countries in order to improve their economic position viably Read more
Mexican Political Culture
Table of Contents Introduction The Culture of Corruption Profiling Mexico’s Culture of Corruption Extent of Corruption Causes of Corruption Informal Economy No Accountability without Taxation U.S Drug and Control Policy Political Corruption and Mexican Democracy Impact of Corruption on Mexico 6 Prevention of Corruption in Mexico Role of NAS Conclusion References Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the political culture of Mexico by making use of different studies and researches. Mexico’s political culture is not very strong as it is noticed that problem of corruption is taking place in the country. The culture of corruption in Mexico is spreading widely as it is ranked among the top 35 countries in the list of corruption. It is noticed that government officials of the country are corrupted due to which the whole political system is affected in an adverse manner. In order to evaluate this context, complete profile of political culture of corruption in Mexico is presented which involves extent and causes Read more
Managing Business Resources in Early Year Setting
Table of Contents Overview of an Annual Budget Demonstrating Understanding of Profit And Loss by Review and Prediction Utilise Financial Resources Effectively Financial Accountancy and Budget Accountability The Process of Budgets, costing methods and Breakeven analysis Recommendations for Expenditure and Managing Budget How to Propose Expenditure and Manage Budgets References Read more
Integrated Working with Children
Table of Contents Part 1: CV Part: 2 Introduction Professionals Involved in Children Having Special Learning Needs Policy and Legislative Change in Additional Educational Needs Concept of Inclusion Language and Speech Delays Personal Learning Plan for a boy with Tourette References Reflection Read more
Implementation of IT system (ERP) in Banking
Project Management Implementation of IT system (ERP) in Banking Table of Contents Summary Introduction (Aims & Objectives) ERP System Implementation of ERP in Banking 1- Strategic Planning 3- Data Collection and Review 4- Training and Testing 5- Going Live and Assessment Conclusion and Recommendations References Read more
Hospitality Management
Table of Contents Introduction 1-History and development of Hilton Hotel and Resorts 1.1.The International Hospitality Business Environmental Factors 2.The Position of the Hotel within the Wider International Hospitality Industry 3.Food and Beverage Elements within Hilton and International Hospitality Industry 4. Life Cycle of a Product Sold in the Hotel and Quality Assurance Conclusion References Read more
Tort and Negligence
Table of Contents Introduction Key Elements Required in the Tort of Negligence Duty of Care Breach of Duty Causation Damage The Role of `Policy` in the Tort of Negligence Floodgates Arguments Deep Pockets Argument How 1 and 2 are applied in specific situations: Psychiatric Injury The Defences Available To the Tort of Negligence Voluntary Assumption of Risk References Read more
Introduction to Strategic Management
Essay: Strategic Management Table of Contents Introduction. Strategic Management The process of Strategy Formulation. Strategy - A Comparative Analysis. Authoritative Review. System C.. AXA Strategy. Conclusion. References. Read more