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Case Study

BS2240 – Business Economics - Answer
BS2240 – Business Economics Read more
John is the director of a construction company. He decided to have the office building completely redecorated. Chris, the Director of Chris Interiors, agreed to do the work for £6,000. John paid £1,000 in advance and agreed to pay the balance on satisfactory completion of the work. Read more
Critically discuss pertinent data, including a relevant and holistic history and physical examination
Non-medical Prescribing Marking Grid – Case Study Read more
Engineering Economics - Case Study
Case study Read more
Business Analytics - Case Study
Assignment Two Read more
Managing finance and information for decision making (BNC5029)
1- Determine and identify the strategic issues facing the SOUL group. What does the strategy need to address? What types of data and information do the group need in order to create a strategy for the future? Read more
Lean and Agile Operations - Case study
Magna Manufacturing Company (MMC) is a manufacturing company based in the Midlands. Its core skills include precision machining, welding and assembly. MMC is a first tier supplier to the automotive industry, it supplies complete assemblies for the OEMs and components for the Aftermarket sector. The company has been in business for 40 years and currently employ 200 people. Since 2010 the company have lost 2 major orders to overseas competitors. 20 % of their direct workers have been made compulsory redundant and there may be a loss of a further 25% of workers in the next 12 months if they continue as they are. Read more
Case Study: Faisal a successful children`s author
Case Study: Faisal a successful children`s author executed a will in 2015 which he wrote on the back of one of his original manuscript. He asked his friend Adam and his secretary Louise............ Read more
Assignment Case Study: Pure Profit Plc.
You are an independent Reward Consultant retained by the Financial Services firm Pure Profits, based in the City of London. Six former university friends who had all read Economics at the LSE established Pure Profits 10 years ago. After graduation they all qualified as Stockbrokers and Independent Financial Advisors. However it was always their intention to form a partnership where they could own and manage the sort of financial services business that really appealed to them. Read more
Consumer Behaviour Case Study
Trends in gym usage in the UK Read more
Accounting and Finance - Governance, Risk and Control
You are a consultant who has been asked to produce a report for the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform which will provide advice for the purposes of making policy decisions. You have been asked to address the following issues Read more
successful or unsuccessful implementation of strategic security management
Produce a case study report concerning the successful or unsuccessful implementation of strategic security management within an organisation. You should: Read more
The gaming industry in Gibraltar
You will consider strategic approaches that the case study organisations could take to position themselves as employers in this evolving labour market; to plan to meet future skill needs and maximise employee retention. Read more
End of Life and Palliative Care Optional Module
Assessment Strategy: Select an end of life care issue relevant to health and social care. Critically analyse and explore this issue with reference to the module learning outcomes and content and relevant nationally published policies and/or clinical guidance. Critically analyse and explore the issue’s relationship to clinical practice and the implications continuing personal and professional development within nursing. Read more
Nursing Assignment Case Study
This assessment requires you to select 2 of the 3 Case Studies and complete ALL sections for each case study. Read more
Case Study – Law For Accounting
What is formative assessment? A formative assessment is the term used to describe feedback given to students on an aspect of their performance / work. Whilst formative work is ungraded and is not included in the assessment and does not contribute to the final module mark it is still a very important piece of work as it helps you the student to assess your level of understanding in a particular module. Providing you with the opportunity to undertake a task that relates to the type of work you may have to complete for your assessment (or draws on the same skills the students will need to apply to complete the actual assessment). This way you get a “practice go” at submitting work for which you receive feedback. This is why the University requires all modules to have an element of formative assessment. Read more