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Designing a Physical Network
Aim of the Coursework This physical network design coursework is intended to develop your understanding of the different physical networking components required to put together an enterprise network, and how these components are selected and integrated to meet the demands of the enterprise. Read more
Research and Analysis in Business
Assessment Task You provide research services for McDonald’s, a large, multi-national, fast-food company. The CEO has asked each department to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes and practices as part of a major organisational change agenda. You have been asked to review an area of business practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice. To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of information sources relevant to the area of practice. You should: Read more
Creative Writing - Character and Setting
Before completing this assignment, please • Read Burroway’s discussion of Character on pages 94 to 108 and Setting on pages 135 to 147 of Imaginative Writing • Read Richard Bausch’s “Tandolfo the Great” on pages 118 to 127, Amy Bloom’s “The Story” on pages 270 to 279, Donald Barthelme’s “The School” on pages 150 to 152, and Angela Carter’s “The Werewolf” on pages 153 to 154 of Imaginative Writing • Go through the PowerPoint/Camtasia mini-lessons on Character and Setting on our BB Read more
Strategic Management - Coursework
OVERVIEW OF THE TASK You are to write a report on the strategy of a ‘responsible’ company chosen by yourself. Your company should be publically listed and have operations in the UK. To meet these criteria, you should pick one of the companies listed on the FTSE4Good UK50 index. You are required to analyse your company’s strategy using the 5 P’s framework (Mintzberg, 1987). To conduct the analysis you must carry out original research. Your analysis should take the form of a critical evaluation and the report should present a clear and convincing argument Read more
Answer - Discuss the statistic relating to business failures and the possible reasons behind the statistics.
Computer Science - Coursework
Assignment task Description: You are a group of network engineers that are presented with the following challenge: A Particle Collider Experimental Facility (PCEF) in Oxfordshire wants to subcontract a networking project. You are one of the candidate teams and you have to present your designs and solutions to the company in order to compete for the contract. Task: Design a LAN based on the floorplan below: Read more
International Banking and Financial Management - Coursework
Assessed Coursework Choose one of the two topics and write report/essay of not more than 2,000 words. Read more
A Business Re-location - Coursework
Chemgas Ltd., has been in the domestic gas market for a number of years. The existing head office and 600 seat customer contact centre is located in Mall Pall, London. Due to rising costs, the Directors have decided to close the existing site and re-locate the management and contact centre to sunny Huddersfield. The Operations Director has engaged you as the primary consultant to devise a project schedule, budget with cost breakdown, resource plan with a phased implementation plan, this project must be completed within 12 months from the start date. Read more
CRIMINAL LAW - Coursework
Question 1 Word limit: 1,250 The commission of a criminal offense usually requires a positive act. Further, Lord Denning in Bratty v Attorney-General of Northern Ireland [1963] AC 386 (HL) stated: “the requirement that it should be a voluntary act is essential…in every criminal case.” However, there are many exceptions to this legal “rule”. Some commentators suggest that there are so many exceptions to the “rule”, that it is, to some extent, a fiction. Read more
Law of Trusts - Coursework
Oliver, a solicitor, represents the interests of HealthyLife, a company that deals with the promotion and sale of natural products. Due to the economic downturn of recent years, the company’s financial future appeared to be at risk, and Oliver put forward proposals to enable the company to improve financially. He discussed the proposals with the management of HealthyLife, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to his suggestions. Read more
The commercial loan market is segmented between investment-grade
The commercial loan market is segmented between investment-grade borrowers and non-investment grade borrowers. Read more
Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance
• Assignment 2 consists of two questions with total available marks of 100. Both questions are compulsory. Please make sure your answers follow a clear and logical approach. • All calculations must be shown at each stage of the analysis. The computations, analysis and charts should be done in Excel or any other application with similar capabilities (Numbers, SPSS, R, Minitab, STATA, Eviews). • Your work should be presented and submitted as a PDF file. Please be careful to preserve your original formatting when converting your Excel file into PDF. • Please make sure your student number is displayed on the first page of your report Read more
Guidance and Requirements • Assignment 1 consists of one question with total available marks of 100. Please make sure your answer follows a clear and logical approach. • All calculations must be shown at each stage of the analysis. The computations, analysis and charts should be done in Excel or any other application with similar capabilities (Numbers, SPSS, R, Minitab, STATA, Eviews). • Your work should be presented and submitted as a PDF file. Please be careful to preserve your original formatting when converting your Excel file into PDF. • Please make sure your student number is displayed on the first page of your report. Read more
Design of a Real-time Embedded Controller
The aim of this assignment is to discuss the design and implementation of a mobile robot with the functionality of a MAZE-SOLVER (not a simple wall-follower). Read more
LAW OF CONTRACT - Coursework
Problem Question Ryan v. IndyBooks Ltd. Lily Ryan (63) has run an antiquarian bookshop in rural Kent for 30 years. Although the books she sells are extremely valuable, she is hampered by her rural location. If she was entirely reliant on customers coming into her shop, she would make very few sales, and her business could not survive. In June of 2011, Lily’s daughter Sarah told her about the website . The website allows customers to browse the stock of hundreds of member booksellers from one online catalogue, and to order books from them online. Member booksellers enter the details of books for sale into the website’s catalogue, maintain an online profile page, set prices and postage rates and receive customers’ orders by email. The American company behind the website - IndyBook Ltd – processes customers’ payments and transfers them to member booksellers’ bank accounts at the end of every month, levying a 10% commission on the total sales at the point of transfer. Members also pay a monthly membership fee of £15 by credit card. Lily was reluctant to use the website, as she does not enjoy using computers. However, at Sarah’s urging, she decided to explore it further. Read more
Business Accounting For Managers
Ardie Ltd is a small private company that was formed eight years ago to manufacture coffee machines used in retail premises. It had been one of the first companies on the UK market and, after a poor start, became very successful. However recently there has been a decline in sales due to a slowdown in growth in the UK market combined with an increase in the popularity of single pod coffee machines. Read more
Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Law
Coursework Notes for Students: 1. Please state accurately the number of words used in your assignment. 2. You are reminded that your assignment must be your own work and that any quotations from both published and unpublished sources must be properly acknowledged with quotation marks, references or appropriate citation. 3. Footnotes must not be used to introduce material that should be in the main text. 4. You must include a bibliography in correct form. 5. Assignments must be typed or word-processed. Read more
Film`s Project - Coursework
Coursework 1 (essay) (maximum 2000 words): Read more
Cenimas and Classical Film Theories - Coursework
Coursework Read more
MODULE’S CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES This module offers the opportunity to engage with the historicity of a cinema’s aesthetics by exploring a range of national cinemas. You will be encouraged to familiarise yourself with aspects of production, distribution and exhibition in different national film industries, and to relate those historically specific modes of operation to the generic categories and stylistic features of the films these industries produced at different times in their development. Above all, you will be expected to engage with the history of diverse geographical areas and to consider how the films examined relate to those broader contexts. The module’s main topics are: - concepts of national, trans-national, regional, world and Third cinema; - European cinemas, including Italian, French, German and British cinemas; - Latin American Third Cinema movements, including in Argentina, Cuba and Brazil; - Pan-African cinema; - Cinemas of the Middle East; - Cinema in South Asia; - Cinema in Asia, including Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea Read more
Cinema of Affect - Coursework