1. Assess clear models of leadership behavior, evaluating leadership in varying sports situational contexts and critically relate leadership theory to sports coaching behaviour.

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Assignment 1 consists of a written essay (2000 words). Students will be required to write an essay with a word limit of 2000 words. Students are reminded that there is a penalty for exceeding the limit in accordance with the AQH-F15 document.

The following learning outcomes will be assessed:


1. Assess clear models of leadership behavior, evaluating leadership in varying sports situational contexts and critically relate leadership theory to sports coaching behaviour.

2. Compare the nature of individual and group processes within the sports coaching process and the ways in which this impacts upon leadership behaviours.

3. Critically examine the application of an empowerment and humanistic approach in coaching.

4. Critically examine coaching philosophy and ethical considerations.

5. Critically examine research in elite sports coaching and demonstrate a synthesis of data within a conceptual framework.

This assessment will focus upon coaching philosophy, specifically the roles of behaviours in physical activity. You will apply the knowledge and understanding gained from this unit via a written account of the term ‘coaching philosophy’ and of the associated concepts, the fundamental similarities and differences that may be evident when coaching with different levels of participants, and in group or individual situations.

You will assess the vocational nature and ethical considerations involved in sports coaching, evaluate the fundamental principles that underpin the philosophical and behavioural process, and relate to research in coaching of participation level and elite level performers. The purpose of this assessment is to develop your critical analysis skills in relation to the concept of Coaching Philosophy/Behaviour/Ethics.


Using examples of coaching both individual and team sports at participation and elite levels of performance, critically review the concept of sport philosophy, leadership behaviour and associated concepts and the impact they have upon sports coaching

In addition critically examine ethical considerations and empowerment/humanistic approaches in relation to coaching. 


The aim of this essay is to present a review of Sport Philosophy and the associated concepts.   Make sure this is based on theory and research. You will be expected to demonstrate the ability to offer theoretical explanation and critical evaluation of current research. You must present your work in the format of an essay including a reference list attached to the end.

Important Information

Plagiarism, paraphrasing and downloading large amounts of information from external sources, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.  Although you should make full use of any source material, which would normally be an occasional sentence and/or paragraph (referenced) followed by your own critical analysis/evaluation.  You will receive no marks for work that is not your own. Your work may be subject to checks for originality which will include use of an electronic plagiarism detection service.

Where you are asked to submit an individual piece of work, the work must be entirely your own.  The safety of your assessments is your responsibility.  You must not permit another student access to your work.

Where referencing is required, unless otherwise stated, the Harvard referencing system must be used (see your Module Handbook).

Please ensure that you retain a duplicate of your assignment.  We are required to send samples of student work to the external examiners for moderation purposes.  It will also safeguard in the unlikely event of your work going astray.

Submission Date and Time

Thursday 4th May 2017 Before 4pm

Submission Location

LRC, Murray Library, City Campus and Turnitin by 11:59pm

Return Date

Friday 2rd June via email/Sunspace and/or appointment

Assignment 1 (Please use Times New Roman, 12pt font)

Sub Headings for Essay

Including in the below sections, examples both of coaching individual/team sports at both participation and performance level, critically review;

-Coaching/Sport Philosophy-approx 750 words

-Empowerment & Humanistic Approaches to Coaching & Their link to Leadership Styles- approx. 750 words

-Ethical Considerations when Coaching-approx 500 words 

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