1. Briefly summarize the case (5 points).

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Case Study Assignment Wrong Site Surgery Procedure


1. Briefly summarize the case (5 points).
2. Reconstruct the timeline of events in the case (10 points).
3. Describe where you feel the first failure point was. Then describe the overall problem areas, the specific failure points throughout the case, the type of failure (take a look at the Week 1 PPT), and the key factors that contributed to the failure in the incident (20 points). 
4. Discuss the knowledge that can be learned from this case and how it can be generalized to other patient safety situations and quality improvement and provide a potential systems approach for reducing risk/preventing similar future events (20 points)
6. Provide your own closing thoughts regarding the case (5 points)


Wrong Site Surgery Name: Institution: Course: Date: Wrong Site Surgery The case involves a surgery procedure that was performed on the wrong site. At the same time, the doctor performed the wrong procedure on the wrong patient. This is a case that involves a 65-year-old patient who had a trigger finger. The patient had had several visits to the hospital in the orthopedic section where she complained of pain and stiffness in her ring finger on the left hand. Most of the treatment and medication that she had had, did not work prompting the doctors to suggest surgery to correct that problem. The doctor, Dr. David C. Ring, was in charge of the operation. Before getting to the patient in question, the doctor had operated on two other patients. Due to the fact that the doctor was distracted from having two other surgeries, they made a mistake with the third patient. There were also some distractions that took place before the surgery (Ring, Herndon, & Meyer, 2010). These included the fact that the surgery was delayed, the surgery room was changed the last minute and the nurse that had performed the patie


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