1) describe the company’s business;

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IBM: Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management


You will research the HRM practices of your ideal employer (a company you would love to work for).   

The purpose of this research is to find out whether the company’s HRM practices are an important part of what makes the company a great employer.


I select the company I would like to work is IBM (International Business Machines)


For your assignment you will: 

1)  describe the company’s business; 

2)  which job you would apply for (this could also be a management training program) and,

3)  describe how the company recruits, selects, trains and develops, appraises and compensates, and promotes their employees.  Also, take a close look at their compensation packages and opportunities for growth with the company, and

4)  lastly, which HRM policies do you think contribute most to making the company a great place to work.


Note that your assignment should not be more than 2 pagessingle spaced, in 12-pitch font with one-inch margins.    

References and other supporting materials are excluded from the two-page maximum.

Human Resource ManagementNameCourse numberInstructor’s nameIBM is the leading information technology company globally with over eighty years in assisting businesses to innovate through enhanced leadership. It collaborates with business partners such as Lenovo to avail a wide range of services, business solutions and information technology. IBMs activities are aimed at enabling both its premier and mass-market customers to gain from the benefits of e-business (IBM, 2008). This paper explores IBM’s human resources management. It outlines the duties of an entry-level position in a management training program, the recruitment process, compensation, appraisal, training and development and the various aspects that make the company one of the best places to work in. The entry level graduate management training program at IBM involves coordinating all leadership learning experiences. Its main goal is to allow highly skilled professionals to gain leadership and management competencies, which are necessary to help IBM to retain its leader position in the IT industry. The program focuses on developing five main competencies among its leaders namely breakthrough thinking, team leadership, coaching and developing talent, driving change and instilling passion for business. The program teaches these skills along with other seventy two universally validated leadership behaviors (Walken, 2009). Upon recruitment into the graduate management training program, one delivers training through a network program. It also involves coordination to ensure that managers receive structured coaching from their respective business unit supervisor and the staff management development facilitators through both on-line and face to face set ups (Walken, 2009). There are three forms of recruitment at IBM. One entails tapping the most talented recent graduates, the other one is aimed at retaining talent while the third one aims at developing one’s talent. IBM targets students with the program that attracts talent particularly those from underrepresented groups in the nation. Their recruitment process involves matching students with hiring requirements. The work/life programs are aimed at retaining talented employees through a variety of flexible work arrangements such as work at home and leave programs. The third program for developing talent primarily focuses on monitoring and supporting employee’s career development through training and development (Shum & Moss, 2009). Entry level recruitment in the management training program would be done under the program aimed at attracting talents through the graduate scheme. The graduate schemes for business oriented positions receive about£29,000-£30,000. This was after IBM made raises for its graduate scheme since 2013 (Target Jobs, 2013). The company offers premium training and it hires about 100-200 new graduates every year...

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