1. Describe what the word

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Coursework Ewing: Describe What the Word "Professional" Means to You


1. Describe what the word "professional" means to you.
2. Give an example of an unethical plagiarism event in the news related to business (remember that copyright violations may be interpreted as a form of plagiarism).How did the event affect the organization.
3. Are blogs useful in Professional Communications? Use background reading/material, and your own external research to analyze if social blogs are relevant in professional communications. Explain your response with appropriate references and citations.
1a Discuss how at least one department within an organization would use spreadsheet applications. How would the use of spreadsheets enhance efficiency in the particular departments?
1b. Would a spreadsheet application benefit a small business owner? Explain.
2a. Perform research, consulting the databases there to find a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal article that is related to the benefits/detriments of using spreadsheet software to write and/or present professionally. Also acceptable: acknowledged professional journal (e.g. Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Atlantic, Forbes, etc.). 
2b. Will this information be useful to you in writing your Signature Assignment? Please explain.
Is there a difference between the terms “cross cultural, multiculturalism, and intercultural?” Do any or all of the terms matter in the professional communications in the business environment. Explain your response.
What challenges do you personally face when trying to write a research or term paper? What do you feel you can do to meet these challenges?
What challenges and opportunities have you personally faced in the field of professional communications? Based on what you learned, what can you do to overcome the challenges and to sustain to capitalize on the opportunities?


Course Work Name Topic Date Course Work A professional is someone who is educated and trained in a certain field and he/she is paid a salary to provide services (Koneru, 2008). A good example of plagiarism occurred in May 2014, when an editor, Gumuchian, working for the CNN was accused of plagiarizing over 128 times in some 50 stories. The issue led to her firing and some of her edited stories with plagiarism being deleted from the company’s website (Wemple, 2014). According to CNN, most of the plagiarized material came from her previous employer, Reuters. This was unethical business practice that had a major impact in tarnishing the reputation and credibility of the editor and the company as well. Social media has become vital in terms communication (Liu, Horsley, & Levenshus, 2010). Today, blogs are one of the common social media platforms used by professionals to spread information on their areas of expertise. Blogs are also widely


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