1. MODULE ONE: Overview of Issue and Research Question

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Module 2 SLP Personality and Behavioral Patterns


In accordance with the overview and timeframe for your SLP work presented in Module 1, use this module to peruse the related literature addressing the issue that interests you. You don`t have to read all the sources in detail - some of them may be fairly long documents detailing specific research studies that were conducted, while others may be lengthy literature reviews summarizing the work that`s been done in this area. 
The goal here is to familiarize yourself with approximately 5 to 10 good resources that you know you can use to write your paper. For Module 2, prepare your reference list page - listing a minimum of five references that will be drawn from throughout your work. More references are even better but five strong ones is the minimum. 
Toward this end, be sure to access ProQuest & / or EBSCO via the background readings page. If you would like to look at papers and research studies written by academics you can use select "peer-reviewed / scholarly journals only" - as well as "full text / articles only" options. However, there are many professional papers and other types of documents that may also be quite valuable to you even if they are not peer reviewed or based on empirical research. Regardless of the type of papers and documents you use, you will want to use them critically. Do they make sense? Are they biased in one way or another? Do you have doubts about their findings or conclusions? 
Finally, remember, for the research to be considered "current" it must have been published within the past 1-5 years. You may find some "classic" papers and documents that are very helpful, and you are welcome to use some of those, but if you plan on using only five or six references in your paper, they should all be relatively new. In the field of psychology things change so quickly that a paper on a topic like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that was written ten years ago may be woefully outdated.
1. MODULE ONE: Overview of Issue and Research Question
2. MODULE TWO: Reference List Page (5-10 references)
3. MODULE THREE: Detailed Outline of Paper
4. MODULE FOUR: Solid Draft of Entire Paper
5. MODULE FIVE: Final Paper in its Entirety
SLP Assignment Expectations
Before submitting your work for my review, be sure to review and refine your work in accordance with the following expectations:
Does your reference list include a minimum of five references - most published within the past five years. Do you have a mix of peer-reviewed, research, professional, and other types of resources? And, are they what you need to do an excellent job on your paper? Most importantly, will the identified references help you to answer your stated research question(s)?
Does your reference list present your references in accordance with APA style guide?


MODULE TWO: Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: References Top of Form Top of Form Top of Form Top of Form Top of Form Top of Form Top of Form England, D. (2009).


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