1.1 define engineering business functions

Unit 7: R/601/1467 Business Management Techniques for Engineers

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Know how to manage work

activities to achieve

organisational objectives


1.1 define engineering business functions

1.2 outline the inter-relationships between the different

processes and functions of an engineering organisation

1.3 organise work activities to meet specifications and



LO2 Be able to select and apply

costing systems and



2.1 create appropriate costing systems and techniques for

specific engineering business functions

2.2 measure the impact of changing activity levels on

engineering business performance


LO3 Understand the key

functions of financial

planning and control


3.1 explain the financial planning process in an engineering


3.2 examine the factors influencing the decision-making

process during financial planning

3.3 analyse standard costing techniques


LO4 Be able to apply project

planning and scheduling

methods to an engineering



4.1 establish the project resources and requirements

4.2 produce a plan with appropriate time-scales for

completing the project

4.3 plan the human resource requirement and costs

associated with each stage of the project.

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