1.1 identify the aims of logistics for material handling

Unit 12: F/601/1495 Material Handling Systems

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion

of this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Understand the aims and

strategies used for




1.2 explain strategies used for achieving the aims of logistics


LO2 Understand the operation

of material handling



2.1 describe the stages of engineering material handling

2.2 explain the criteria used for the selection of a material

handling system

2.3 compare different material handling systems

2.4 carry out a cost benefit analysis by comparing two modern

material handling systems


LO3 Understand the control of

material handling systems


3.1 explain the systems used for the control of material flow

3.2 explain material tracking and identification methods

3.3 evaluate a controlled material handling system using a

range of techniques


LO4 Be able to plan the layout

of a material handling



4.1 identify modern material handling equipment and its


4.2 identify and analyse the movements, conditions,

requirements and constraints of a proposed material

handling system

4.3 justify the selection of material handling equipment for the


4.4 use critical path analysis to plan the material handling


4.5 present a layout of the proposed system using appropriate

graphical techniques.

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