1M1 Assess the impact that theories of leadership and management may have on strategic decision making

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ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management

Leadership and Management

Unit aims

The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to understand the role of leadership and management in organisations; and the use of leadership and management skills to improve organisational performance.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand strategic leadership and management in organisations

1.1 Analyse strategic leadership and its links to management in organisations

1.2 Evaluate key leadership and management theories

1.3 Explain how leadership and management styles should change to meet the needs of different situations found in organisations

2. Understand how to improve organisational performance through the application of relevant leadership and management skills

2.1 Analyse the skills which are needed by strategic leaders and managers to improve organisational performance

2.2 Analyse key motivational theories and how they may influence organisational success

2.3 Analyse the contribution of performance management techniques in organisational processes

3. Understand how leaders and managers utilise teams in improving organisational performance

3.1 Explain the development of teams

3.2 Analyse the characteristics of high-performance teams

3.3 Evaluate the role of the team leader in creating high-performance teams

3.4 Assess the impact of teams on organisational performance

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