23920 - Demonstrate knowledge of support for people living with dementia

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For this task, you need to show your understanding of the possible impacts of the daily life of someone living with dementia.

Your role

You continue in your role as support worker and the care package has been increased from three visits each week, to one visit every day.

Mrs Letts’ co-existing conditions

Mrs Letts has three co-existing conditions: asthma, obesity and hypertension.

Changes in Mrs Letts’ cognitive functions

However, in the past few weeks, you have become worried. You notice that Mrs Letts:

  • Is starting to have increased difficulty in communicating her needs because she can’t always remember the words for what she is asking for help with.
  • Is not always taking her medication.
  • Is no longer able to use her mobility scooter.
  • Seems to be becoming more withdrawn. She is not always going to church and the community centre unless someone picks her up and takes her.
  • Is doing less and less around the home. The washing up isn’t done. The pantry is full of tins of soup and packets of tea and butter. There is mouldy, uneaten food in the fridge.

Mrs Letts’ dementia diagnosis and next steps

Mrs Letts’ daughter was also concerned with the changes in her Mum’s cognitive function and arranges another GP visit.

After several assessments, Mrs Letts was diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

In consultation with the doctor, and based on Mrs Letts’ enduring power of attorney, it was agreed that Mrs Letts would remain in her own home for as long as possible.


How might dementia impact on Mrs Letts’ daily life (or on the daily life of someone living in their own home with early stage dementia)?

Give two examples for each of the impacts below.


Support for Mrs Letts’ co-existing conditions

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