3CO03 Core behaviours for people professionals

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Task 1 – Ethical practice briefing paper

1.1 Consider how ethical principles and professional values inform approaches to work.

1.2 Specify ways in which you conform consistently with relevant regulation and law within the context of ethics and professional practice.

1.3 Summarise ways of demonstrating positive working relationships with colleagues with reference to ways in
which you could: clarify problems or issues. contribute your views and
opinions clearly. work effectively as part of a team.

2.1 Describe the meaning of ethics within the context of work including reference to the consequences of your actions to personal and professional integrity.

2.2 Model ways in which you can acknowledge sensitivity and respect to others within a working context.

2.3 Reflect on the ways in which you can recognise and accept your own mistakes, and those of others, whilst also showing empathy.

2.4 Recommend ways in which you can show inquisitiveness about issues and developments in the people profession and the wider world of work.

2.5 Reflect on proactive approaches to developing, recording and reflecting on your professional knowledge, skills and experiences.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions