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Industrial Revolution

To automate a manufacturing factory and apply the principles of INDUSTRY 4.0. The main theme of this revolution is we can connect our cell phones or laptops with the sensors and get notified with everything. The mobile application like ‘Blynk’ is used for that purpose, Google Assistance is also used for making smart houses. Add fruit i/o is very famous for making input-output switches. The list of advantages is very large some are that, We can get check and balance of inventory, turn on AC when temperature goes down, Get the notification if machine is out of fuel/material and in case of machine not working i.e. stop working, check the production of product if production may stop for any reason it will alarming, power off all lights if there is no motion in room for more than 10 minutes, can easily aware with the leakage of gas, can check the temperature of furnace, gives the safety against fire, gives safety against the earthquakes.


We can use this sensor in our room as well to automate our rooms or offices even the hospitals or shopping malls can also automate through industry 4.0.

Sensor Name:  DHT

FUNCTION: Temperature and humidity sensor

APPLICATION: We use this sensor in order to find the temperature of the machine, electric oven, and rooms. If machine is out of desired temperature it will tell us similarly if the temperature of room is exceeded above the normal body temperature then automatically AC turns on.

Sensor Name:  Gas sensor

FUNCTION: Detects the presence of gases in an area

APPLICATION:  We use this sensor in order to find when the gas leakage occurs in the kitchen, oxygen cylinders used in hospitals and industry as well.

Sensor Name:  Flame sensor

FUNCTION: It tells the system whenever the gas is leaked or the valve is open

APPLICATION: We use this sensor it tells us whenever the incident of fire occurs in the house, shopping malls, production houses, etc, its alarm to inform the people to leave the building.

Sensor Name: Vibration sensor

FUNCTION: For measuring linear velocity, displacement, and proximity or acceleration.

APPLICATION: This sensor tells us when the earthquakes came so it alarms so that all the peoples can leave the building immediately.

Sensor Name:  Ultrasonic sensor

FUNCTION: To measure the distance.

APPLICATION: This sensor helps us whenever there is no motion in the rooms, production house it will off all the electrical utilities.

Sensor Name:  Motion sensor

FUNCTION: To detect the movement.

APPLICATION:  This motion helps us in our inventory section whenever the capacity of our production is full it reminds us that the production is full and no need to manufacture more products similarly it can use in rooms as well, like when we enter into the room the sensor detects the motion and signal to open the lights when we enter in the room. Get research papers on industry 4.0 from Buy thesis online.

Sensor Name:  Waterproof temperature Sensor

FUNCTION: Calculate temperature by inserting in liquid.

APPLICATION:  This is the sensor that can be dipped in the liquid and can calculate the temperature. We use it in the furnace to check the melting temperature of molten metal or in the boiler.


Following are the benefits of industry 4.0,

  • Check and balance of inventory.
  • Get the notification of every moment.
  • Detection of gas, fire or vibrations.
  • Save electricity.

Detect the temperature. Etc