505: Annotated Bibliography. Policy selected: Minimum Wage

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505: Annotated Bibliography. Policy selected: Minimum Wage


505: Annotated Bibliography Instructions

This assignment is the foundation that will be used to undergird the majority of the rest of the assignments in this course. Put forth the time and effort this assignment deserves in order to give yourself a good foundation for this course, as these sources will be used later for your Literature Review.


You will choose 1 specific policy (see below). You will find 5 qualitative research articles (from a peer-reviewed journal) and 5 quantitative articles (from a peer-reviewed journal) on your chosen policy. You will then read these articles and provide a summary for each article in 150–200 words. Arrange each entry to include the following: article citation, article type (qualitative or quantitative), and article summary.


Continue this pattern for the entire assignment. This assignment must be formatted in current Turabian style, thus the first article cited and summarized will be the author with the last name closest to beginning with “A” since Turabian requires that you complete your reference list alphabetically.


The grading rubric provides more specifics for this assignment and each required section.



***Policy Topic for Your Research: Minimum Wage 



***Further Instructions on Sources:


All 10 sources have been provided and separated into (5) qualitative and (5) quantitative. These PDF files will be in the “Additional Files” area.




***Further Instructions on Assignment:


Please follow instructions above and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully. Must be formatted in current Turabian style and include a bibliography. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for quotes, paraphrase, etc. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. DO NOT STRAY FROM WHAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ASKING. This is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important.


ONLY use the sources I’ve asked above.


Annotated Bibliography Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Annotated Bibliography Policy selected: Minimum Wage Addison, JT., & Blackburn, ML 1999, Minimum Wages and Poverty. Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 52(3), 393 Qualitative article: the authors of this article employ a reduced-form approach in studying the link between changes in the minimum wage and the levels of employment of the young adults and teens. Both authors are Professors in the Department of Economics at the University of South Carolina. According to Addison and Blackburn (1999), earlier researches on the effects of minimum wages on poverty have revealed that minimum wages actually decrease the rates of poverty, with simulated effects which seem to be rather strong. Different from simulation treatments, the approach employed by Addison and Blackburn (1999) minimizes the need for building a restrictive and unrealistic model to evaluate the effects of minimum wages on poverty. Their findings show that the rates of poverty amongst the groups that are most likely to be affected by minimum wage raises are at least twice over those of prime-age people. There is proof of a poverty-reducing effect of minimum wages for junior high dropouts and teenagers; this proof is obtained from reactions to minimum wages which were raised in the ‘90s. Similarly, a study conducted by of Neumark and Wascher (2002) cited below showed that the minimum wage increases the chances of poor families...

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