6HR510 Developing Leadership and Management

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Assignment Instructions:

You are required to write and submit a 3,300 - 3,700 words report demonstrating your understanding of contemporary leadership and management.  The report is divided into two sections, which reflect the learning outcomes of the module, each section is detailed below:

Section 1: 

Critically evaluate the contemporary definitions of leadership and management examining current perspectives of the roles and responsibilities of both leaders and managers generally. (LO1, LO2)

Section 2:

Based on your evaluation in section one, propose a minimum of three critical skills and behaviours required to be a successful 21st century leader. Consider specific methods of leadership and management development that could develop these critical skills and recommend how to implement and evaluate these development interventions effectively. (LO3)

Assignment Submission and Grading Criteria

All assignments should be submitted via the Turnitin submission point (labelled either F/T or P/T and found within the ‘Assessment’ tab) by the deadline highlighted above.  All assignments will be marked against a marking rubric, a copy of which is attached to Appendix A of the module handbook. 

On successful submission of the assignment, you will be demonstrating your individual achievement of the Module Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate the definition, roles and responsibilities of Leadership and Management in modern contexts
  2. Assess alternative theoretical approaches to leadership and management and their relevance within contemporary organisations.
  3. Discuss different methods of leadership and management development and how to implement and evaluate interventions effectively

Questions and Support

Please direct any questions relating to the assignment, academic regulations relating to submission and marking of work in the first instance to the Blackboard Assignment Discussion Board (within Assessment Tab), thereafter to the Module Leader or your seminar tutor.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions