Consumer Behaviour Case Study Consumer Behaviour Case Study
Trends in gym usage in the UK Read more
Finance for Managers Finance for Managers
Introduction Financial evaluation is the process of evaluating the performance of the organisation in order to evaluate their strength and weaknesses. The aim of the report is to evaluate the public quoted company from the stance of a potential investor. For this purpose of evaluating the aim of the paper, WM Morrison is selected from the FAME database. The financial performance of the organisation is analysed in comparison to its competitor. For this purpose, ratio analysis is used along with the presentation of use and limitation of ratios. Moreover, the risk and opportunities for faced by Morrison is also described in this paper. Read more
Globalisation and International Marketing Globalisation and International Marketing
Table of Contents Introduction Concept of Globalisation Concept of International Marketing Facets of Globalisation that Impact International Marketing Impact of Technological Factor on International Marketing Impact of Economic Factor on International Marketing Impact of Cultural Factor on International Marketing Impact of Political Factor on International Marketing Conclusion References Introduction Globalisation and international marketing are two important concepts that businesses have to consider in the current era. International marketing strategy is given importance because it is the means of entering markets of the world effectively. However, the globalisation has the strong impact on the international marketing. There are four different facets of globalisation that impacts international marketing which includes culture, technology, economic, and political. The impact of each of these four facets of globalisation on the international marketing is explained in the paper in the light of various previous researchers Read more
Leadership, Culture And Innovation Equal Determinants Of Strategic Change Leadership, Culture And Innovation Equal Determinants Of Strategic Change
Table of Contents Introduction Strategic Change Leadership and Strategic Change Culture and Strategic Change Innovation and Strategic Change Conclusion References Introduction Nowadays, business changes have become quite constant due to economic volatility, accelerating technology and globalisation. In such scenario, many businesses have to innovate, rethink and improvise their strategies completely. The aim of this paper is to provide detailed insight on the strategic change along with analysing whether the leadership, culture, and innovation are equal determinants of strategic change. Read more
Business Opportunity Report Business Opportunity Report
Table of Contents Introduction Relating to Literature Entrepreneur Theories Mega and Future Trends Relation with Business Opportunity Analysis Mega Trend Applicable to Business Opportunity Conclusion References Introduction It is noticed that significant business opportunities are taking place in different sectors due to the rapid changing environment. Therefore, organizations need to identify the emerging opportunities that are taking place in their market or sector in order to make their business prosper. The aim of this paper is to identify and evaluate the impact of megatrends and emerging trends in a specified sector so that entrepreneurial business opportunities are recognized. The sector that is selected for this purpose is the retail sector of the UK market. Different trends are arising in this sector due to which the growth chances of the organisations operating in the retail are enhancing. This demonstrates that the emerging and mega trends in this sector are giving rise to significant business opportunities due to which this sector is growing immensely Read more
Organisational Responses to Responsible Enterprise Drivers Organisational Responses to Responsible Enterprise Drivers
Table of Contents Introduction Key Sustainability Challenges faced by British Petroleum Water Challenges Climate Change Strategies to Address Challenges Water Challenges Climatic Change Impact of Challenge on the Society Impact of Water Impact of Climatic Change Approach of BP towards Waste Management Approach of BP towards Code of Practice and Other Ethical Issues Conclusion References Introduction The purpose of the report is to evaluate the context of sustainability as well as the issues that are faced by an organisation. The company that is selected for this purpose is British Petroleum because they had to face some significant sustainability issues in past few years. In order to answer the purpose of the report, some key sustainability challenges faced by the British Petroleum are highlighted. Two key challenges that have impacted the internal and external environment in the light of BP have been elaborated in the paper. Moreover, the approaches that are adopted by the British Petroleum towards waste management, code of practice, and other ethical issues are also presented in the paper Read more
Legislative Approach Taken To Control Solid Waste in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) Legislative Approach Taken To Control Solid Waste in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU)
Table of Contents Introduction Solid Waste Management Comparison of Legislative Approaches of UK and EU on Solid Waste Management United Kingdom Legislative Approach on Solid Waste Management Key Features of UK Waste Policy European Union Legislative Approach on Solid Waste Management Analysis Conclusion References Introduction Solid waste management is considered as the important concept because it assists in dealing with the environmental problems that arise due to waste. It is noticed that different legislations are introduced and implemented by different countries to deal with the problem of solid waste. The aim of this paper is to analyse the legislative and administrative control of environmental issues within countries. The comparison of the legislative approach of the United Kingdom and the European Union is presented in the paper. Moreover, the analysis of the environmental policy-making category for the United Kingdom is also analysed in the paper Read more
Use of Dust Masks in Dusty Workplace Environments Use of Dust Masks in Dusty Workplace Environments
Dust masks which are called as nuisance mask are used commonly within construction areas in order to detect dust particles. The dust masks filter the solid particles present in the air and protect the individuals from inhaling them. However, they do not protect them from the chemical or organic based fumes due to which major health issues arises in the occupational areas. This means that dust mask is used only to protect the individual from the dust that can enter into the lungs when working in the dusty environment Read more
Labour Market Analysis Labour Market Analysis
Table of Contents Introduction Analysis of Current Labour Market Trends Labour Market Trend of the United Kingdom Labour Market Trend of Human Resource Profession Impact of External Factors Influencing Work and Career Patterns PEST Analysis Political Factor Economical Factor Social Factor Technological Factor Analysis of Advertising, Recruitment and Selection Methods Hiring and Selection Practices Analysis of Relevant Professional Standards and Competences Conclusion References Introduction The aim of this paper is to analyse the labour trend of a particular profession in a certain country. In order to analyse this aspect, the United Kingdom is selected is the appropriate state because the employment trend of the company has improved. The paper is divided into four different tasks each of which is illustrating a view related to labour market analysis and trend in the profession of human resource management Read more
Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine
Table of Contents Introduction Concept of Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt Corollary Arguments on Monroe Doctrine Personal Opinion Conclusion References Introduction Monroe Doctrine is the policy that was developed by President James Monroe which focused on the aspect that any sort of interference done by external power in the political features of America will be considered as a hostile act against the United States. This policy emphasized on three aspects that are colonization, intervention, and interference. Monroe Doctrine is considered as the most important policy in the US because it helped them in supporting their policies from the impact of European power. They issued this policy in order to make sure that European power does not move in the United States. The concept of colonization is discussed in this paper by considering perspective of different authors. The arguments are presented with proper evidence and support from published data. The most imperative issue that found in Monroe doctrine is that it totally opposed the idea of colonialism that might be discouraging for those countries which are willing to take assistance from other developed countries in order to improve their economic position viably Read more