Film`s Project - Coursework Film`s Project - Coursework
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Cenimas and Classical Film Theories - Coursework Cenimas and Classical Film Theories - Coursework
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MODULE’S CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES This module offers the opportunity to engage with the historicity of a cinema’s aesthetics by exploring a range of national cinemas. You will be encouraged to familiarise yourself with aspects of production, distribution and exhibition in different national film industries, and to relate those historically specific modes of operation to the generic categories and stylistic features of the films these industries produced at different times in their development. Above all, you will be expected to engage with the history of diverse geographical areas and to consider how the films examined relate to those broader contexts. The module’s main topics are: - concepts of national, trans-national, regional, world and Third cinema; - European cinemas, including Italian, French, German and British cinemas; - Latin American Third Cinema movements, including in Argentina, Cuba and Brazil; - Pan-African cinema; - Cinemas of the Middle East; - Cinema in South Asia; - Cinema in Asia, including Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea Read more
Economic Crisis in Europe Economic Crisis in Europe
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Access to Business Management - Economics Assignment Access to Business Management - Economics Assignment
Planning Your Answers Thinking about how to answer a question involves a little pre-planning, for example: Do you have more than one topic to cover in answering the question – if this is the case then you need to identify the issues. 1. Plan your answer to include an introduction – body – and conclusion 2. Your answer should be detailed and discursive – remember to apply the theories/concepts to your own examples to demonstrate your understanding. a) IDENTIFY THE ISSUES b) IDENTIFY THE RULES (The theories, the concepts) c) APPLY THE THEORIES/CONCEPTS TO YOUR EXAMPLES & GENERAL DISCUSSION d) CONCLUDE YOUR ANSWER Read more
Working in the Culture Industries Working in the Culture Industries
1) An Individual Reflection of your Group Presentation (1000 words ‐ 40%) The quality of this reflection will depend on the quality of the Group Presentation and your contribution to it. Below is a list of the areas you need to cover, in the order that they should appear. The Word counts are only guidelines. You May find your content is weighted differently. Read more
Cinema of Affect - Course Work Cinema of Affect - Coursework
Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS
Format: Academic report (presented as an Article critique report plus a personal reflection) Page limit: to enable equitable and manageable marking of this assessment, you are expected to be able to complete this assignment (excluding the References List & Appendices) using no more than 7 pages of writing & figures in size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing, A4 page size, normal margins. If relevant, any figures should be approximately 1/3 page in size. Work submitted on any pages exceeding the specified page limit will not be marked Read more
Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity -  Design Patterns and GUI Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity - Design Patterns and GUI
General advice  You are advised to back up your work regularly onto your N: drive and on removable storage devices. Always check the date-stamp on your files before submission.  You must submit your work using the software versions we currently have on the University’s network.  Please note that a high standard of presentation is expected. The report should have an appropriate Title Page and a Contents Page, and each page is to be numbered.  The title page should have the following information: Course Code Course Title Assignment Title Lecturer’s Name Student’s Name Academic Year Hand in Date Read more