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1.The Amberssen Specialty Company is a chain of 12 retail stores that sell a variety of imported gift items, gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and wines in the Toronto area. Amberssen has an IS staff of three people who have created a simple, but effective, information system of networked point-of-sale registers at the stores, and a centralized accounting system at the company headquarters. Harry Hilman, the head of Amberssen’s IS group, has just received the following memo from Bill Amberssen, Sales Director (and son of Amberssen’s founder): Harry—It’s time Amberssen Specialty launched itself on the Internet. Many of our competitors are already there, selling to customers without the expense of a retail storefront, and we should be there too. I project that we could double or triple our annual revenues by selling our products on the Internet. I’d like to have this ready by Thanksgiving, in time for the prime holiday gift-shopping season. Bill

After pondering this memo for several days, Harry scheduled a meeting with Bill so that he could clarify Bill’s vision of this venture. Using the standard content of a system request as your guide, prepare a list of questions that Harry needs to have answered about this project.

2. Extend beyond this and think answer this: Harry has met with Bill and determined that Bill would like a system that allows customers to browse through products on-line, find store locations nearest them, and also place orders for products with credit card payments. Based on this scope, Harry is preparing an assessment of the feasibility of this system to present to the Board of Directors. He is working on the technical feasibility issues currently. List some technical risks that appear to be associated with this proposed system. Is this a low or high-risk project? If high, what are the options for you and your IS staff?

.3.Cal Strong is a project manager for a systems development project involving a new database application for his organization’s human resources department. Despite Cal’s best efforts at estimating the time requirements for the project, the team has missed the deadline for completing the Analysis Phase and producing the System Proposal. Cal had estimated during his 6-week Planning Phase that Analysis would require 2 months, but the team finished the System Proposal 2 weeks behind their planned target date. Based on his discussions with the team members, Cal believes that the system is more complex than he originally thought. Should Cal adjust his timeline, or can he try to make up the lost two weeks? Cal needs your advice.

Answer can include some standard time estimations for the overall project, not just this phase and setback. What are some options for Cal and his team? How should he inform his client?

Note: Each question needs a answer about one paper. All answers in Microsoft word. Moreover, please the content do not contain any plagiarism.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions