A Midsummer Night`s Dream

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A Midsummer Night`s Dream


hi writer this is an assignment which is very important for me.so i want you to read and answer question by question carefuly and in question4 you have to provide a picture so please read all carefully and don`t mix or combine question together please.i will appreciate. you can find all work in uploaded file. Thanks



Casting Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (MND)

1. Cast the following MND characters with film actors. Actors may be current or
past film stars.
a) Theseus, Duke of Athens
b) Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (to be wed to Theseus)
c) Egeus, father to Hermia

e) Demetrius
f) Helena
g) Hermia

h) Nick Bottom
i) Peter Quince

(Other Mechanicals are optional: Francis Flute, Tom Snout, Robin Starveling,
and Snug)

j) Oberon
k) Titania
l) Puck (some texts call him Robin Goodfellow)

(Other fairies are optional: Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed)

2. You must provide a REASON for casting each particular character based on
your CHARACTER ANALYSIS of the MND character.
3. To complete this assignment, FIRST describe the MND characters

For example, some of the characteristics we used in class to characterize
Helena were hopeless romantic, pathetic, emotional, desperate, dramatic, and
naive but not stupid.

4. Next, cast the MND roles with current or past film stars, arguing that the
actors you have chosen have played characters in the movies that demonstrate
similar characteristics
, and therefore, would make said actors good choices.

An example of a POOR reason would be as follows:

Megan Fox would be a good actor for the part of Helena because Megan Fox is hot
and Helena is one of the four lovers, so she should be attractive.

Errr. Wrong answer.

A valid reason would be as follows:

Mindy Kaling is a valid choice for the role of Helena because she plays a
similar, love smitten character named Kelly on the TV show The Office. On The
, Kelly`s character is overly dramatic and her emotional reactions are
volcanic. Kelly`s love interest, Ryan, may not be as offensive as Demetrius is
to Helena, but Ryan is clearly not "into" Kelly the way she is devoted to him.
Kelly is naive enough to think that Ryan wants a future with her, which is as
foolish as Helena`s decision to follow Demetrius into the woods to earn his

4. Please provide a PICTURE of each actor you have chosen to help bring these casting decisions to life, and please UPLOAD this information as a WORD document that we can open in class for discussion.  Only ONE WORD document is required per group or individual project.

A Midsummer Night’s DreamName:Course:Instructor:Date: THE COURT a) Theseus, Duke of AthensTheseus represents authority in the story, and his leadership is apparent when he makes a decision on the love between Lysander and Demetrius’s relationship. He is a heroic character like other Athenian figures in Greek mythology (Welvaert & Bowman 19).b) Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (to be wed to Theseus)Hippolyta is a war heroine; she represents order and gives her opinion when she thinks that Theseus may be wrong. c) Egeus, father to HermiaEgeus is a conservative, apathetic man who decides to make all the major decisions in his homestead including choosing his daughter’s fiancée. THE LOVERS d)LysanderLystander, represents unconditional love in the story, he is willing to risk Egeus’s wrath for eloping with Hernia. e) DemetriusDemetrius is insensitive, as he decides to marry Hernia even when she clearly ha no feelings for him. Furthermore, Demetrius had a relationship had a relationship with Helena, but suddenly left her to pursue Hernia. f) HelenaHelena represents unrequited love, she loves Demetrius who has no feelings for her, and when the spell makes both Demetrius and Lysander to fall in love with her she is skeptical. She is also naïve and desperate as no one seems to like her in the beginning of the story. g) HermiaHermia is ...

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