A report on reducing the burglary problem in a student town, with a particular focus on students living off campus.

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What is the problem? Why is this important? What are the relevant theories?

How would you suggest that the police, students, and the local community might be able to reduce the risk of student burglary?
Be precise with your crime prevention suggestions, and give details about how these directly relate to the background section. 
A combination of measures, who would pay for these – local authorities, police, and universities don’t have unlimited funds. 
You should only suggest a strategy you think will be effective and where you can measure success.

Explain how you would assess the success of your crime prevention strategy. 
What would you measure? Think about fear of crime, number of crimes, or implementation of the elements of the strategy, costs.
You should consider the use of process and impact evaluations.
How would you measure it? Think about surveys, interviews, or experimental designs. 

Good sources: Tilley, N. 2009. Crime Prevention. Willan Publishing.
Wortley, R. and L. Mazerolle. 2008. Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis. Willan Publishing

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions