Analysis of Ads

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Analysis of Ads


Find 2 print ads from magazines, each depicting a different category of situation (purchase, usage, or disposition). 

Type your name and section on a separate sheet of paper with the following information and clip the ads to this paper.

For each ad, identify (use bullet points):

•The dimension(s) of the situation depicted in the ad (physical surroundings, social surroundings, temporal perspective/time, task definition/gift, antecedent state) and whether/how the situation affects the consumer depicted.

•Type of ad appeal (fear, humor, emotional, value-expressive, utilitarian)

•The route to persuasion (ELM Model) and why you think so

•The attitude component(s) (cognitive, affective, behavioral; can be more than one) targeted by the ads and which attitude change strategies (e.g., change beliefs, classical or operant conditioning) are being use


Adverts Name: Institution: Course: Date: Burn Fat * This advert depicts the physical surroundings of a coffee shop. It can also be placed on a billboard or malls to call onto the customers’ attention. * This would be found in a coffee shop that medium to large in size with an intermittent number of customers coming to take their product. * On a billboard it would have massive effect to those that drive by and are looking to lose weight. * The fact that the advert offers a rem


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions