Analysis of David Mitchell`s Cloud Atlas Novel as adapted by Tykwer and Wachowskis

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Interlocking Plot Elements And Multiple Genres And Time Periods Of David Mitchell`s Cloud Atlas And The Twyker/Wachowski Adaptation


In our discussion of David Mitchell`s Cloud Atlas, we`ve examined the possible relation between the structure of the novel as a set of “nesting doll” stories and a conception of history not as “Time`s inexorable arrow” but rather as cyclical. I don`t subscribe to the theoretical (given infinite space and time) repetition of history, but there`s intrigue to the prospect of cyclical history that finds humanity returning periodically to similar circumstances. Whether the outcomes differ is a matter for further contemplation.

We`ve further noted that Mitchell`s novel and its adaptation by Tykwer/Wachowski provide certain visual and thematic cues (motifs), such as an unusual birthmark, that indicate the principal characters in the Sextet are likewise an expression of history`s “repetition with a difference.”

Please try to tie these considerations of plot structure and character to the broader themes of the novel, howsoever you`d like to identify them. If Ewing, Frobisher, Rey, Cavendish, Sonmi and Zachry are transmigrations of the same soul over the centuries, how does their similarity carry forward Mitchell`s theme(s)? Are Tykwer/Wachowski successful in bringing this implied comparison (because no-one explicitly states they`re the “same” character) to the screen; and if so, are there properties of cinema, as opposed to long-form narrative prose, that make their job either harder or easier?


Clould Altas 云图 这个是类似于看书改编的电影 然后essay里面要写关于改编评价之类的






Analysis of David Mitchell`s Cloud Atlas Novel as adapted by Tykwer and Wachowskis

Cloud Atlas is a novel that is written by David Mitchell. The novel contains six different stories and in each of the stories has its characters, therefore, bringing the total number of main characters in the whole story to six. It can also be observed that the characters do not stay in the same place, but rather they stay at the different parts of the globe. The "nesting doll" structure is one of its greatest features that makes it absorbing to read. The unique structure of the novel made it to appear unfilmable.

The adaptors of the film Tykwer and Wachowskis made two major decisions that lead to the success of the story in the film. They first tweaked the structure of the book with the earliest history or the first story called “The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing”. They proceed on to cut each of the remaining 5 stories


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