Appeal Decision on University Admission

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Appeal Decision on University Admission


I want to write an appeal letter to the JD Law programme director/university to ask them if they can reconsider my admission or a chance for interview. I have applied to them last year but I got rejected as well. They are one of the best university in Hong Kong and as I am focused in pursuing my career in law and I hope I will have a chance to further enhance my knowledge at their university.

I am currently (since March) working as a Legal assistant in a law firm. Before this, I was working as an assistant manager for a trading company since 2012, English teacher from 2010-2012, senior designer from 2008-2010 and part-time personal assistant from 2005-2008.

I am currently taking part time for a certificate in legal studies in Hong Kong. I have also got a Master of Education from Hong Kong during 2013 and a Bachelor of Design in Toronto at 2008. I have been educated both in Toronto and Hong Kong since 6years old.

I have brothers and cousins that are working in law firms. 

Please let me know if there is anything else you will need to know.

Thank you.


Appeal Decision on University Admission Institution Student Name Course Dear Admission Representatives: I am writing to appeal the resolution of rejection for admission in JD Law University. I understand the competitive nature in JD Law University but, it has been my long-lived aspiration of pursuing law from this institution. There are several reasons why I regard JD as an ideal institution for pursuing legal studies. First, JD Law University has a diverse structure and approved departments that play a critical role in aiding and supporting students to thrive in their chosen pathways. Second, the institution has established itself as a state of Art University, appearing in the top 5 among best Universities in Europe. My brothers and cousins who work


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions