Applied Professional Practice

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Please complete the following Journal, follow instructions for each section, and submit through Turnitin prior to the deadline







Please complete this section

Not included in the word count




Matriculation No


Profile Picture


Professional Biography (100 words)





Online at (if relevant)







SECTION 2 FIELDNOTES An account of your work related activity during the module. Aim to have about 1000 words of notes (+-10%) in total. Date them like diary entries-and remember to state which activities you are doing. You must include evidence of completing the activity eg screen shots or completed tasks – expand the box below as required.




















SECTION 3 REFLECTION After each seminar, reflect on the theoretical work related concepts and your own skill and knowledge levels in that dimension, 1000 words +-10% - split the 1000 words across each dimension/work related concept as appropriate. Written in first person and in a reflective style of writing, use citation.   

Dimension 1 Workplace concepts: Work Style and Innovative Behaviour







Dimension 2 Workplace concepts: Ethics and decision making







Dimension 3Workplace concepts: Culture and Cultural Diversity







Dimension 4 Workplace concepts: Entrepreneurial mind-sets







Dimension 5 Workplace concepts: Collaborative Leadership








SECTION 4 CAREER and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Plan 1000 words +/-10%.  Create and shape your professional identity and prepare a PDP; Professional Development Plan.


Create your own Career and Professional Development Plan, use professional learning and development frameworks.  Use your own professional body documentation to underpin your plans and decisions, use website and relevant references.


Consider the following in your Career Plan:

ü  Preferred Industry

ü  Preferred Organisations

ü  Entry level jobs

ü  Application plans


Consider the following in your Professional development Plan:

ü  Professional Values and Identity: My professional identity

ü  Self-assessment: Current stage in my career

ü  Goals: What I want to achieve in my career, the next steps

ü  Strategies: What strategies should I employ to achieve goals

ü  Resources: What resources do I need to achieve goals

ü  Timelines: Timeline for this plan.



































SECTION 5 REFERENCES (Must be Harvard and not included in word count)

Alphabetical order and Harvard






SECTION 6 CURRICULUM VITAE (not included in word count)









SECTION 7 APPENDICES (no word count required)

Include images

Files from exercises

Screen shots of evidence to support field notes and reflections




SECTION 8 Freeform space (use this space as somewhere to drop in small notes, thoughts etc. scribbles. Not marked but supports claims.)

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions