are you happy today? Why?

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#8,pg327- Your company is based in Boston and earns 50 percent of its profits from Germany and France. Given your answer in question 7, are you happy today? Why? (#7)You have been reading the FInancial Times daily for the past several months and realize that while the Federal Reserve has been slashing interest rates, the European Central Bank is holding interest rates steady. Did this policy difference influence the relative strength of the dollar against the euro? How? Why? book- International business- The challenge of global competition 12th edition, Donald Ball When answering the question, state the question number and the page number of the question you are answering. Answer the question, add additional information about the subject, and provide example(s) to get 5 points. Read the example answers in Announcements on our course page. Properly cite your sources. Note: Do NOT cite Wikipedia. Please cite the source throughout the answer.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:International BusinessThe Federal Reserve System is United States Of America Central Bank that determines the amount of interest rates that is supposed to be given to the clients of the other banks operating in the country. The lending rates reduction is aimed at reducing the burden of the bank customers and at the same time encourages local and foreign investors in investing in the country (Ball, 20). While the European Central Bank is the main bank that controls that amount of interests that is charged by the banks to the clients.The Federal Reserve System is co...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions