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Assemble an annotation entry for each document. Each entry should be formatted according to, and contain the content specified, in the rubric and explanation.Include at least three APA-formatted references for each article that connect or relate to your research topic.The following five points provide guidance for writing an annotation:

1. The background and location of the study are clearly described.
2. The purpose of the research is explained and connected to the research questions.
3. Description of the methods includes information about the design and procedures used in the study.
4. Results, conclusions, and recommendations of the study that have implications for the candidate’s research are summarized.
5. Three sources from the reference list that connect/relate to the your proposed research are listed and formatted according to APA guidelines.


Step 1: Ecommerce
Step 2: Ecommerce & Internet speed.
Step 3: people using ecommerce applications and effect of internet speed.
Step 4: people using ecommerce applications to buy online products while doing payments and during big offers they face internet speed issues.
Step 5: what is the effect of internet speed on ecommerce’ is there ability to define the solution for big shopping days having high internet speed?
Step 6: During season’s sale and big shopping days every ecommerce company faces severe interning experience and tools designed for this to maintain high speed is the biggest issue.


Step 1: Online education 
Step 2: Online education & learning.
Step 3: People depending on online education to learn information and gain knowledge.
Step 4: Finding information online is nowadays a common thing and most of the people are depending on it.
Step 5: Is being able to find information online quickly and learning is good or bad thing?
Step 6: everyone nowadays depending on online to search what they want especially in their respective fields. But completely depending on online for searching is big issue or not.


Step 1: Machines v/s Humans
Step 2: Machines v/s Humans: more active role.
Step 3: Machines and Humans are very important in any industry and their active roles depends on the work of the particular department.
Step 4: Nowadays machines are replacing humans in every industry because of many factors and this effecting employment of many people.
Step 5: What is the effect, when machines are replacing humans in the present world?


Step1: Social media
Step2: Social media & censorship
Step3: Nowadays everyone are using social media, their effects and how censorship going to help.
Step4: people from different ages are using social media, which is having many kinds of information and posts effecting or disturbing people life in many ways. Censorship is the may find the solution for this.
Step5: Is social media need censorship? If so, what kind?



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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions