Ballistic Pendulum Lab Report: Results and Conclusions

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Ballistic Pendulum Lab Report: Results and Conclusions


Lab Reports

A lab report should consist of the following, each section beginning on a new page:

Title page

- Name

- Partner’s name

- Title of experiment

- Date due/date performed

Abstract -Purpose

-General description

Theory section -Physics theory


-Tell what you did

-Include sketch/schematic

Data tables and graphs -Neat and complete

Sample calculations

-Must be neatly done

-Sufficient to follow your work

Discussion of errors -Must be realistic

-Give % error

Results and conclusions -Report findings

The style manual you should use as a reference for writing your lab reports is A Writers Resource – A Handbook for Writing and Research by Elaine P. Maimon an Janice H. Peritz. This is the style manual adopted by the Center for Teaching and Learning at ISU.

Your lab instructor will fill you in on the details that they expect too see in your lab reports. Avoid plagiarism. Include a reference page if necessary. If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism we suggest that you look it up in your student handbook. If plagiarism is suspected, in any form, your lab report will be returned to you ungraded (no credit given) and may be referred to the Physics Department for further action. Generally any clear style of writing that is grammatically correct is acceptable although your lab instructor may require that certain stylistic conventions be observed. Lab reports are due two weeks after the lab has been completed over which they are assigned.

*(This is how to write my lab report please follow the instruction and don`t write the Title page i`ll do it and just use the text book for sources or references please don`t use other sources it`s very important you can use this web (

Also, see the attachment for the numbers and equations.


Ballistic Pendulum Name: Partner’s name: Date due: Date performed: * Abstract. The practical application of conservation of energy, specifically mechanical energy, and momentum conservation are brought into perspective in this experiment to help in the determination of ball’s velocity during its ejection from a launcher. Two methods were used here. The first method involved measurement of the angle at each instance that the launcher was released. In the second method, the pendulum bob was removed and the ball shot from the table to the floor. The distance of inclination was then measured. * Theory. The first method applies conservation of mechanical energy and conservation of momentum in calculation of the velocity. The second method applied projectile motion is doing the same. Th


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions