Best ERP Tool:Which one is the best tool ?Why? 1-Microsoft dynamic AX 2-oracle e-business 3-oracle peopleSoft 4-SAP R3

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Best ERP Tool

Which one is the best tool ?Why?
1-Microsoft dynamic AX
2-oracle e-business
3-oracle peopleSoft
4-SAP R3

ERP Applications are the lifeline of any prospering business organization. Among the three ERP architectures I consider Oracle e-business suite to be the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications the enables organization to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase business performance .Oracle E-business suite is one of the leading competitor of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is more preferable the other ERP tools for the reasons discussed below.

Firstly, Oracle E-Business suite unlike the other applications has been enhanced more in the aspect of usability and functionality with fourteen new mobile applications to improve business functions and processes. These applications include mobile approvals, expenses, iprocurement and timecards, applicable to all employees-business suite also contains line business applications including mobile sales Orders, Inventory, ProductInformation, Discrete Production Supervisor, processproduction and Field Service.

According to Chen, (2001) the Oracle E-business suite has been integrated with the Oracle Project Procurement suite of applications with an in-memory visualization layer that takes advance of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery to help managers make faster decisions and teams to be better in collaborating and coordinating project-related procurement planning. This is a feature that has got a business advantage not found in the other ERP architectures. The application has got quality extensions for analyzing product and process quality data within E-Business Suite. It also integrated with Teleservice extensions for service requests monitoring and improving service-related resource planning James, Russell & Seibert, (2002). The ERP includes Service Contracts Extensions to support the management of contract renewals while leveraging performance metrics and customer experience. It has the Human Resource extensions to drive more actionable information in real time within Oracle E-Business Suite’s human capital management module

Strength of the ERP system is the automation of a number of processes, so that the manual entry by employees is not required from other systems such that the employee put more focus on other areas to spend their time on, making the company much productive. Anotherunique feature that Oracle E-Business suite has that when the inventory goes down below a certainlevel, the system creates a purchase order for the item in question. The system is able to notify managers the next morning keeping the power with up-to-date information.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions