Bloomberg Businessweek Report

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Bloomberg Businessweek Report

You are required to complete your registration of Bloomberg Businessweek subscription so as to gain online
access to BBW materials. At the time of your registration, please also sign up for email
alerts for negotiation related articles.

You will be required to read the BBW magazine each week and choose one article dealing with business negotiation.

Each issue of BBW carries multiple articles related to business negotiations such as articles describing recent mergers
and acquisitions, foreign direct investment, trade agreement, outsourcing, etc. During the
first 10 weeks of class, you will be required to choose a total of 10 articles from 10 issues
of BBW and then write a short paper with 10 entries- each entry providing the gist of an
article and how that related to negotiation.

Bloomberg Businessweek Report Contents

This report will be due in the 11th week of class.
The report will NOT exceed 10 pages, excluding the cover page and reference. In each
class, I would also randomly pick some students and ask them to share with the class what
they found in their chosen articles and how that relates to the subject matter discussed in
the class. I would pick different students in different class sessions and ensure that all
students have presented at least once before the 10th week of class.

Exmaple of the Report

Stockholder’s Equity

Stockholders equity is a main component of Companies balance sheet and it show the total ownership that accrues to the owners of the company. In the case of company’s AT&T and Verizon companies that are in the telecommunication sector, Stockholders equity follows the same structure appearing on the balance sheet and indicating the various aspects as they appear on the company’s statement

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions