BMG871 Research Proposal

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The assignment is a research proposal. This is a report which outlines the plan for a research project. It is intended that the topic you choose for the research proposal will be your dissertation topic. Therefore, this research proposal is also your dissertation proposal. Your future dissertation must contain primary research, therefore, this research proposal must include the planning of that primary research. Choose your topic wisely, with guidance from your lecturer and the learning materials*.

A research proposal should follow a standard format. Refer to the assignment template for the required sections/subheadings. Please stick to the template and use these sections/subheadings. Approximate word counts are given for each section/subheading – these are for guidance only. The template contains 9 different sections/subheadings, beneath each there is a short bullet list. This is an explanation of the information you should include within each section.

It is strongly recommended you watch the Assessment Video, which can be found on the Blackboard page (assessment tab). The module leader has recorded a 15 minute video discussing the expected contents of the assignment. The video includes:
- How the assignment relates to your future dissertation
- Marking criteria
- Where to find the submission link
- Assignment format
- A deep-dive into the assignment template

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions