BMG872 Global Strategy Development and Implementation

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Coursework– BRIEF

Taking a case study approach, critically assess the global strategy of a multinational corporation (MNC) of your choice.  Using theoretical models studied in this module, analyse the MNC’s competitive positioning and international expansion strategies.  Evaluate the MNC’s success in different global markets, considering its adaptation to local contexts.  Additionally, discuss how emerging trends in technology and sustainability impact the MNC’s global strategy.  Finally, propose recommendations for enhancing the MNC’s competitive advantage and global performance, using insights from the theoretical models.


a)     Detailed assessment guidance will be given from week 2 onwards viaSeminar and aims to provide advice on the use of media/technologies for this assessment exercise.

b)     Completed assignments must be submitted in Word format via the Turnitin Dropbox in your Blackboard Course Area by the specified date and time outlined in the Key Assessment Information Table above.

Successful participants will be able to:


1)     Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, theories, practices, and legislative frameworks underlying international business as an academic discipline and as a tool for improved management of international businesses.

2)     Apply critical evaluation to complex arguments and evidence in the field of international business.

3)     Formulate strategies to support successful international operations in diverse contexts.

Assess the implications, risks, security, integrity, and confidentiality aspects of applying innovative solutions for today`s dynamic international organisations.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions