BMS502 Work Related Learning

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TITLE: Reflective Piece




Completion of this work will satisfy the following learning outcomes from module BMS502:


LO1:   Assess the effectiveness of their work-related skills in meeting the requirements of job and person specifications associated with the types of job they will be seeking post-graduation, using a suitable analytical tool such as a SWOT    analysis.


LO2:   Analyse career development opportunities for graduates within the study sector.




Produce a reflective assessment on the following areas:


  1. Key Competencies - perform an audit of your personal key strengths, weaknesses, skills, attributes and attitude that contribute towards your imminent career and future progression into graduate employment LO1
  2. Career Prospects - given your competencies, justify what specific career pathways are realistically open to you in the short, medium and long term as a graduate LO2
  3. Progression Opportunities - justify a range of potential progression activities (and associated progression barriers) that could materialise following the end of your studies. LO2



You will need to include and reference at least 5 academic sources including 2 books and 1 journal to provide supporting evidence and define any key concepts. The completion of your work will satisfy 50% of the assessment for the BMS502 module. Your reflective piece should be 2,000 words +/- 10%, and must be submitted online, through Turnitin, via Microsoft Teams. You must include both a reference list and bibliography.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions