Brief description of the program and what it claims to do

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Adventures in Control Structures: Auditing (Module 1 SLP)

You`ll remember that we`re using a common basic format for the Project assignments in all Modules -- that is, the review of relevant software and related material. Specifically, for the Session Long Project for this Module, you will be reviewing three websites of consulting firms that offer services of security auditing. This is an example: Euroquest Here you have a video about auditng services: Remember, to expedite reporting your project assignments, we`ve prepared a grid that you can use for all the assignments, click here to see it. You can copy the grid and paste it into your project report; once it`s filled out, all you need to do is put on the appropriate cover page and file it with CourseNet by the Monday deadline. The grid is available by in Module 1 but for this module make sure you change the titles accordingly (for example, change from "program" to "consulting company"). SLP assignment expectations: Your assignment will be graded following these expectations: - Precision: the questions asked are answered. - Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic. - Breadth and depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module. - Applicability: once you complete the practical exercise, such as the visit to a web site or program testing, you correctly relate it to the theoretical concepts and the learning objectives of the module.
Adventures in Control Structures: Auditing Module 1 SLPNameSecurity Audit Consulting Professor`s nameDate Name of the toolBrief description of the program and what it claims to doSpecific business needs being addressed by program and value delivered by itYour reasons why you decided to check it out (first impression)Your overall evaluation of it, to the degree that you can judge; is it something you`d use? Why? (Please comment also on the effectiveness of the demo itself)Consulting company 1EuroQuest performs ISO, TS, EMS and ISMS audits which include gap analyses, IT risk assessments, regularly scheduled internal audits, registration pre-assessment audits and layered process audits (EuroQuest, n.d.).EuroQuest`s audits go beyond merely checking compliance. It takes procedures to ensure that people within the organization are following the security standards. It looks for opportunities to improve the security system by focusing on the sources of risks and assist the companies to launch prevention strategies (EuroQuest, n.d.).EuroQuest has certified auditors who are experts on quality systems and many of them have been registrars (EuroQuest, n.d.). Because EuroQuest is staffed with auditors that have been registrars it means that they understand what registrars of the various systems expect from companies at recertification and hence it is guaranteed that companies that outsource their service are assured of quality internal audits, recertification and good performance on ISO maintenance surveys (EuroQuest, n.d.).Consulting company 2Altius IT performs audits on IT networks and assessments that help organizations to identify manage and lower risks (Altius IT, 2006)....

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions