BSP5071 Business in Action PRES1 Assessment

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Producing an effective presentation is a key skill required by managers and leaders, arguably more so in these uncertain times and the use of virtual presentations using MS Teams and Zoom for example. A well-designed PowerPoint deck should be focused, time bound, aesthetic, engaging and informative.

1. You must produce a PowerPoint presentation incorporating slides and accompanying notes or script. The PowerPoint deck of slides must be suitable and sufficient for a 15-minute presentation. NB: The presentation will not be delivered either in person or online. You need only submit the PowerPoint file including notes, or a PowerPoint file and separate word file containing your script.
2. The accompanying notes or script must represent an oral delivery of the presentation, i.e. as if it was to be delivered in person. As such the notes or script must reflect the notional timing for a ‘presentation’ of 15 minutes.
3. The presentation must consider the approach taken to solving the problem, associated issues, together with findings, solution and its implementation.
4. More guidance on structure and content will be provided during the semester.
Assessment Brief & Criteria
Read the assessment brief on Moodle to ensure you fully understand the requirements of the PRES1 assessment. Your objective, for both the PRES1 and WRIT1 assessments, is to solve the business challenge and to evidence the ‘journey’ from business challenge statement to solution and implementation.
Structure of the Assessment
You must submit a PowerPoint file which represents a 15-minute presentation, i.e. as if it was delivered face to face or in person. NB The presentation will NOT be delivered in person or virtually. The number of slides included in the PowerPoint and their content therefore must reflect this constraint. You must also include either notes in the notes section on PowerPoint slides OR a separate script but not both. The submission to Moodle will include the PowerPoint file, including notes in the notes section on slides or, if completing a separate script, the PowerPoint file and the script which you must also upload as an MS Word. You must submit the PowerPoint file as a PowerPoint file and not a PDF as there is a possibility that the notes will not appear if saved as a PDF.
Use of Theory & Literature
The presentation must include and reference relevant theory, models and concepts using credible academic and industry literature, not only in relation to the process of problem solving, but also the underlying issues contributing to the business challenge which you identify as part of the problem-solving process. Correct Harvard Referencing must be used throughout, both citations and reference list entries.
Sequence of slides
The presentation must evidence the ‘journey’ from business challenge to solution and implementation. Think about the order of the slides in representing this ‘journey’ from start to finish. If you proceed directly from problem to solution you are not reflecting this journey and may be jumping to conclusions or evidencing leaps of faith.
Slide Design
Think about the design of slides, use of text, pictures, charts and tables etc. All slides and their content should be legible. Be careful if using graphics that these are clear. Be mindful of the amount of text on slides, font sizes, use of colour, slide design etc.
Slide Structure & Content
The following outlines a suggested structure of the presentation and provides some guidance regarding the content required. There are theories, models, concepts, tools and techniques covered in the module that should be used, applied to the context of the business challenge and included in the PowerPoint. NB: YOU MUST USE AND APPLY THEORY, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FROM THIS MODULE AND APLIED TO THE CONTEXT OF THE BUSINESS CHALLENGE TO EVIDENCE THE PROBLEM-SOLVING JOURNEY. Sufficient depth of knowledge must be evidenced in the use and application of these theories, models, concepts, tools and techniques.
The slide should Include your name, student number and title of presentation
The Business Challenge & Problem
The slide(s) should provide an overview of the business challenge or problem as you define it and not merely replicate verbatim the statement as it appears in the assessment brief. Remember it is important that the problem is defined correctly at the outset.
Organisational Context
The slide(s) should evidence an understanding of organisational contextual factors framing and impacting the problem, and any potential solution. For example, consider constraints and stakeholders (beyond generic headings).
The slide(s) should evidence the correct application of tools and technique used to analyse the business challenge and diagnose the underlying issues or root causes of the problem as detailed on the business challenge & problem slide(s). This is also an opportunity to refer to relevant theories and concepts in relation to the underlying issues and contributory factors to the business challenge as identified via the analysis.
The slide(s) should include a VERY BRIEF outline of the options considered as potential solutions to the business challenge. The slide(s) should also include your preferred option, i.e. the chosen solution and how you evaluated the options objectively, including the inclusion and application of relevant methodology for appraising options and selecting the preferred option.
The slide(s) should include the consequences associated with the preferred option/solution beyond generic headings. Remember these need to be consistent with any constraints identified on the context slide(s).
The slide(s) should outline the proposed implementation of the solution, including the component tasks (and their sequencing) required to implement the solution, and the timescale for their completion. Appropriate tools and/or techniques should be used to illustrate this. The timescale should be realistic - Remember Hofstadter’s Law and the optimism bias.
The slide(s) should describe how the solution will be evaluated in terms of its success or failure. How will the performance of the solution be measured, what are the performance metrics and against what baseline data will these be measured?
The slide should provide a brief conclusion to the presentation.
The slide should include a correctly formatted reference list

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions