BSS044-3International Business Management

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Aims and Relevance

This unit aims to:
1. Develop your core knowledge of managing International Businesses,
informed by theory and current practice.
2. Provide you with a coherent, rigorous and contemporary view of the
nature of business within an international context.
3. Develop a systematic understanding of the complexity of the
environments in which International Businesses operate as well as the
impact on, and from, society, culture and governance
4. Enable you to carry out secondary research on foreign markets and
International companies and synthesise data to recommend actions
Syllabus Content
This unit will develop your knowledge of managing International
Businesses. It aims to provide you with a deeper appreciation of the
environmental factors influencing businesses in an international context as
well as the interplay between international businesses, society and
national, regional and transnational governing bodies It will discuss the
challenges and opportunities presented by international marketplaces and
the strategies firms can use to address them. You will engage with the
theories and models that shape International Business activities and the
ethical complexities of managing a business in diverse contexts.
The unit will incorporate conceptual frameworks, current real world
examples and case studies to enrich your knowledge of managing
Indicative Content:
- Globalisation and International Business
- The Political and Legal Environment
- The Economic Environment
- International Trade
- The Cultural Environment
- The Multinational Enterprise and the Born Global firm
- Country Evaluation and Selection
- Managing Knowledge in International Organisations
- Globalisation and Ethics
- Impact of International Businesses on Society, Culture and
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit you should be able to
1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
To demonstrate understanding of how international businesses operate within their
strategic context
2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
To use appropriate research concepts and frameworks to evaluate international
business practice.
PSRB Outcomes and/or Apprenticeship Standard

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