BUSG 4201 Capstone Project

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Course Description:


The objective of the Capstone Project is for the students to apply theoretical and applied knowledge acquired during the undergraduate business degree program. Students have the opportunity to conduct either a research-based dissertation under the supervision of an experienced academic supervisor.


Students will work in teams of three to develop problem statements in collaboration with faculty, industry and/or other stakeholders. Students will engage in the entire process of solving real-world business concerns in organizations, they will conduct an extensive literature review, collect data to apply suitable and appropriate analytical methods to analyze the issue, and present the findings of their research to stakeholders.


Through the Capstone project, students have the opportunity to build a partnership with a local organization, including their present employer or sponsor.


Capstone Group Communication:


  • All the students in their respective groups will meet the Capstone Supervisor once per week for one hour based on an agreed timing.
  • Attendance will be taken. It is mandatory that all the members attend the weekly meetings, failing which your grades will be affected.


Individual Participation in the Capstone Project:


Students’ contributions to the capstone projects should be identified in the Gantt Chart.

  • Check the instructional video on how to prepare the Gantt chart in Microsoft word



Final Capstone Project Report:


  • The report should have 5,000/6,000 words, (30 pages excluding cover page, table of contents, abstract, references, and appendix)
  • Format: APA Style of formatting must be used.
  • Use double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt font size.
  • Follow the structure of the template provided by your Capstone Advisor
  • Do a thorough grammar and spell check. 


Capstone Project Final Presentation:


  • Total duration: 30 minutes. 
  • Each group will have 15 minutes presentation (4/5 minutes per student) and 10 minutes of Q&A from the board of the Capstone project.
  • The presentation is worth 10% of final grade and will be evaluated individually, based on the student’s presentation and answering the queries.


Resources for Capstone Project:


  • Add citations in the word document wherever possible, for every interim submission.
  • Feel free to use the link below to get an idea of how to include the citations in research using Microsoft word step by step


  • Mybib is a free bibliography and citation generator. Students can set the style to APA 7 (American Psychological Association 7th edition)


  • Grammarly’s online grammar checker prevents all types of mistakes, from typos to grammar errors and sentence structure.



Students’ Weekly Submission – GRADED


  • Each group is responsible for their submission on the due date(s) at 23:59 via D2L Dropbox.
  • Please note that, if you fail to submit your assignment on time, it will result in all group members receiving a grade of zero for that assignment.  
  • Each member of the group is responsible for contributing to each assignment.