BUSG2002 Project Planning Process

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The Project Plan must include the following activities with supported documents:


Project definition (what, who, why, when, where), vision and objective.

Project scope statement including deliverables.

Project Feasibility Analysis
Supporting documents:

Project Charter

Project Schedule (WBS) and CPM (Critical Path Method)

Project Gantt Chart.

Project Stakeholder register and Communication analysis.

Project Risk register and Probability and Impact Analysis


Reference Page (If any external secondary sources must be cited in your work and referenced)
Each Project Team is expected to design a PowerPoint. The following criteria for the presentation must be followed
1. The audience for this presentation is the Project Sponsor. Therefore, the presentation should communicate what the project is, how it will be done, and the key risks and stakeholders that were considered in the planning. Your boss wants to know that you have thought things through.
Minimum of 10 slides, Maximum of 15 slides. The length of the presentation is 15 minutes. You have to ensure that the full presentation is finalized within 15 minutes. A stopwatch will be followed. Exceeding the timeframe of 15 minutes will result in loss of 3 marks.
3. Ensure the following is provided within the first minute of the presentation:
✓ Name of project and team members
✓ Agenda of the presentation
✓ Introduction to the Project
4. Each team member is expected to present his/her part of the presentation.
5. Each team member will be assessed individually on their performance and on the part they are presenting.
6. Please avoid lengthy paragraphs. Bullet points are preferred.
7. Grammar and spelling must be correct.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions