Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility QB3004

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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) when conducting Business

Task: Consider the ethical implications surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern business practices.
You are required to produce a poster that is either for or against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) when conducting business. Provide ethical issues and ethical justifications for the position that you adopt.
Present your reader with:
1) the ethical debates related to artificial intelligence (you will need to draw on ethical frameworks to support your position)
2) the research associated with these debates (theoretical stance)
3) recommendations to address some of the debates you have raised
The poster should consist of a mixture of brief text mixed with images, graphics, pictures and visual formulae. An application that you can use to create your poster may be found at the internet address –
Everything should be readable with clean and consistent layouts that directs the readers eye to the key message.
It should evidence best practice - exploring new and emerging topics within Business Ethics.
Be creative. Decide how you want to present the poster.
The challenge is to create complex ideas in a simple graphic way, in 3 A4 posters (one page each).
• You should provide a clear message either for or against the use of artificial intelligence for companies, consumers, and the community
• Why is this topic important to me and to Business Ethics?
• How does AI effect Business?
• How can I best share my ideas using charts photos, graphs, and images?
• What information should I include and what should I not include?
Your Audience
Persuade us that you know what you are doing and where you are going.
Choose a statement, images and diagrams that will attract your audience’s attention.
Your audience will not engage if it is not clear what your message is and what you are trying to
Colours should highlight, separate, define and associate information. Details kills interest. Make it bold, make it brave, make it stand out. Background colours should always be light enough to use black as your text. Effective posters are spacious and easy to follow. Pinterest it!
Aim for 40% visual graphic. Find a way to show visually what you think and feel.
Appropriately chosen graphics can express more than words
Present your argument but keep your concepts simple. Concentrate on communicating a complex idea not graphic design.
General Instructions
• References are required
• The poster should consist of three separate A4 pages. Not one big sheet of paper.
• There is no word limit.
• The poster must be digitally produced, not a scanned hard copy.
• Do not put the poster through SafeAssign.
• You may decide on who your audience is based upon your message.
• Your solutions may be based on businesses or the everyday man in the street.
• A website that you may use to produce the poster is

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions