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Your report will need evidence to make a strong recommendation. This evidence will come from secondary research. You will gather sources to support your chosen topic using online research. This research will be organized into quotations, paraphrases and summaries, with links to the articles themselves, in a portfolio to an assignment dropbox in D2L using the Word document template provided (see D2L for model and template).


For this evaluation, you (and your partner) will submit an MSWord document to D2L for 25%

  • You pair/team will find 4 credible/ scholarly secondary sources (journal articles, websites, etc.) to support your topic and your report’s thesis statement.
  • Search the library database for books, reference articles, and scholarly/professional/trade articles. If needed, ask your instructor or a librarian for help.
  • You may use the internet for general research, but remember to use the CRAAP test.
  • Download, print or photocopy each source, to support the writing for your research portfolio folder. 

Annotate each source with notes, and highlight important sentences, paragraphs, and sections that you can use to prove your thesis.

Each partner/team mate will create their own MS Word document Research Portfolio for their chosen topic with the following pages formatted using APA 7 guidelines. The following elements will be included in the submitted portfolio:


  1. APA Title Page
  2. Draft Report Outline; includes topic, thesis statement & list of possible solutions
  3. Secondary Source informationfrom each source (2 for each partner) will include:
    1. Summarize the important information from your source in a paragraph of 150-200 words or show proof/support for your solution/criteria. Use attribution and citation for this written paraphrased piece.
    2. Include a quote from the same source that supports your thesis or provides a credible explanation for your solution/criteria
    3. Include URL on same page as your written work (include screenshot of digital source as well, if you wish)
    4. Write a statement of use that explains where you will use the source and for what purpose within your recommendation report.
    5. APA Reference list for the 2 articles/source used in the research portfolio

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions