comparative analysis of two nation states

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In this paper you are asked to provide comparative analysis of two nations/states. Select Qatar as county A and other country which fits the factors provided below.  

Qatar is one nation I want to focus on within the comparative analysis of two countries. With a focus on its globalisation and sports, policy aims through the soft power approach. 

The comparison country to Qatar will need to share a number of characteristics whether this is in relation to size/ geography, population, economy, politics, and culture. 

This will need to be presented in the introduction, showing a supporting rationale for the choice of these two countries.

The comparative country to Qatar will need to be a country, that has a lot of material on. Although I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND WALES. Also, I don`t want to use China as a country, as, I have completed research on China previously, and want a country of a similar size-ish to Qatar, and who potentially use sport as a soft power approach with slightly different aims/ outcomes. 

Four aspects will need to be included when comparing the two countries. 

The strucutre of the sport (e.g., the significance of the public, not-for-profit and commercial sectors in the delivery of sport). 

The culture of sport (Consider the relationship between the sports culture and the influence to sports, and consider the historical background of the sport and its impact to current provision). (could maybe focus on mega-events, and Qatar being a `sporting hub`/ Fifa world cup 2022, Although would need a comparative country which connects with similar characteristics. 

Sports Participation Statistics 

The nature and extent of government intervention in sport at national and sub-national levels (consider the contemporary and historical aspects). 

Assessment Criteria 

Demonstrate a critical understanding of sport using an international perspective. 

Show clear evidence of the systematic ability to reflect upon relevant concepts and theories in order to gain a deep understanding of a specific international case study. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions