Critically analyse the concept of Branding and its significance in the modern marketing environment

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BPP University Business School

MSc Management

Aug 2016

Markets and Marketing Module (MKT7049)


Assessment title:

Critically analyse the concept of Branding and its significance in the modern marketing environment

Brand is often defined as a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. But a brand is more than that. More than a logo, a brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of potential clients. It’s a fostered set of emotions and ideas consumers associate with your company. With the infinite number of choices offered to consumers these days, many companies are looking for unique ways to connect emotionally with consumers.

A strong brand that stands out in the marketplace and positions the company as an irreplaceable life-long partner to their clients can be its greatest asset.  Remember that consumers love and trust brands; they believe in the inherent superiority of the experience so much, that even in a negative economy 60% are often or always willing to pay more for it. Creating an identity that resonates with its customers reinforces the emotional relationship that is at the heart of a truly successful brand. When marketing decisions are made for a particular brand, it’s important to examine the factors associated with the brand and to consistently craft messaging that supports and enhances this emotional relationship.

Student brief:

You are a marketing consultant and have been hired by an organisation of your choice to carry out an analysis of the challenges facing the organisation, to explore the significance and relevance of its brand in the modern marketing environment and to make justified marketing recommendations to improve its approach to branding.


Task One:  Marketing Analysis (25 marks)

1a). Following detailed research, critically analyse the organisation’s marketing environment, including its brand, using appropriate models and frameworks e.g. Porters Five Forces, PESTEL, Product Life Cycle and SWOT, along with at least one branding model, to assist with that process.

1b). Then, using the information gathered from this process, identify and discuss the key marketing issues affecting the organisations strategic position and discuss the significance of these issues (Note: A good answer would provide depth of insight and discussion, supported by credible sources, rather than just a shopping list of random comments, and would make specific references to branding)

Task Two:  Understanding Branding (45 marks):

2a). Critically evaluate the significance of the concept of branding in the context of the modern marketing environment and identify the challenges associated with this concept.  A range of different credible sources should be used to support your analysis (at least 5), along with practical examples from organisations other than the one you have chosen.  (25 marks). (Note: A good answer would provide circa 5 credible challenges associated with the concepts and a good level of discussion, followed by a conclusion)


2b). Critically assess your chosen organisation’s approach to its branding, using concepts outlined in the previous section (20 marks). (Note: A good answer would provide 5 or 6 insightful observations, which could be both strengths and weaknesses, accompanied by a decent level of discussion)

Task Three: Strategic Branding Recommendations (20 marks):

3a). Based upon the critical analysis conducted in task one, and the discussions in task two, consider the options available to the organisation for improving its current approach to branding. (10 marks). (Note: A good answer here would provide between 4 and 6 credible options that the organisation has to improve its current approach – note that it is important that students provide a link with previous discussions)


3b). Make clear justified recommendations for improving its current approach to branding.  (10 marks).  (Note: A good answer would typically focus on a few recommendations, explaining points in depth rather than a “shopping list” of ideas, with recommendations supported conceptually)

Presentation and formatting (10 marks):

The report should include professional presentation and tone-of-voice and a clear structure, including correct application of the Harvard Referencing System. The report should be expressed with clarity and precision.  Recommended structure:

  • Assignment Cover Sheet
  • Report Title page
  • Executive summary (max 500 words and not included within word count)
  • Marketing Report
  1. Marketing analysis (of the chosen organisation)
  2. Understanding modern branding
  3. 3.    Strategic Brand Recommendations
  • Appendix with Bibliography and Audit

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