Cultural and Ethnic Studies

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Cultural and Ethnic Studies


Please write one of the bolded terms on top of your response. We may use your responses in class so it is critical that you have these prepared before class.

1. SURPRISE. Something (argumentative and/or empirical—argumentative is the more powerful) that surprised or deeply interested you (i.e., something that challenges a prior understanding you had, something that you would have previously found hard to believe etc.) (Your entry should also indicate why you are surprised).

2. CONFIRM. Something that confirms something you already knew (i.e., something that doesn’t surprise you at all) (your entry should indicate why you are not surprised).

3. CURIOUS. Something you would like to know more about (you might in conjunction suggest one more cited sources (i.e., from the bibliographies) that intrigue you).

4. HELP. A term/phrase/idea (perhaps a theoretical construct) that you find helpful/inspiring (Your entry should include your understanding of the selection).

5. CONFUSE. Something that you don’t understand: this could be a term, an idea, an argument, a passage (feel free to list page and paragraph #) etc. (If you do not have something for this entry that is fine –i.e., do not force yourself to be confused!)

6. RELATE. Something that you would personally like to research (or at least are curious about) at the university that draws on one of the readings.

sample paper

The article How It Feels to Be Viral Me: Affective Labor and Asian American

YouTube Performance is among the most amazing pieces written to denote viral clips that would make more views than most song in the current world are doing. Am amazed at how the YouTube alone without publication of a song would make a person famous. My previous understanding of internet viralism was on marketing viral message that are quite visible in emails and other social sites. However, the extent of displaying cultural viralism in this case and to highlights interaction and articulation of views is quite astounding. I notice the viralism in these clips is because of incorporating the views in their society.

The article focuses on other attributes that one would not easily understand how in the first place they did occur. For example, the article denotes Kevin Wu as number nine top most subscribed individual while others such as Ryan Higa are the top most subscribed. Am amazed at how the article focuses on the life of Asian personalities in relation to American women. Probably, this is an explanation that there is respect for views of other personalities in different societies. Still, I am very curious at how the concept viral videos began and would be willing to know who its pioneers are and what they had in mind. Still am surprised at how the lengths that these YouTube viral has gone. The outline notes there are producers whose area of focus is to develop clips. I truly do relate with the extent with which most of these stars and personalities have gove to communicate their views on their society, but still I would be willing to look at their mission and vision in doing so.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions