Cultural Artifact: Fifa World Cup Trophy representing soccer which is the most popular sport of my Mexican culture

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Cultural Artifact: Fifa World Cup Trophy representing soccer which is the most popular sport of my Mexican culture


Speech Prompt from my Professor:

This assignment requires two things: A speech presentation about a cultural artifact from your culture and secondly, the outline for your speech.

What is a Cultural Artifact Speech: This is a self-introductory speech that asks you to bring an object to class that represents an aspect of your culture. You are asked to speak to the class for about 3 to 4 minutes.

(Note to the writer: I decided that for my cultural artifact speech I will be bringing in a full size replica of the Fifa World Cup Trophy to represent the sport of soccer which is a big part of my Mexican culture. I grew up watching soccer since I was a little child. In fact, my first exposure to the sport of soccer was actually the Fifa World Cup of 1994 which the United States hosted. Therefore, I decided that I will bring in this replica of the Fifa World Cup trophy to my speech presentation and I was hoping you can focus the speech presentation and the outline of speech based on my cultural artifact of the Fifa World Cup Trophy to represent soccer. The emphasis doesn`t really need to be specific on the Fifa World Cup trophy but rather more on how soccer is part of Mexican culture. For instance, here are some interesting things about how important soccer is to Mexican culture. Mexico is one of few countries to have hosted two Fifa World Cup tournaments. Mexico is one country that has a lot of fans that travel and support the Mexican National Team at every soccer tournament they participate in such as the Fifa World Cup tournament which is played every 4 years. In fact, sometimes the amount of Mexican fans present at soccer stadiums outnumbers the fans of the home team especially in the United States which is why the United States National prefer to play their homes games against Mexico in the upper north east like in Columbus, Ohio with cold temperatures.)

Now back to the actual Speech prompt for my cultural artifact…

Step 1: For your speech presentation I want you to focus on having a good intro, body, and conclusion. 

Step 2: Your introduction should approximately be around 30 seconds to a minute and you must have "an attention getter" to capture your audience attention and that`s when you will reveal your cultural artifact object to the class and lastly remember to have speaker credibility in regards to your cultural artifact. 

Step 3: Your intro must also have a good thesis and it`s important that you have a preview of your main points of your speech.

Step 4: Your Body of the Speech Presentation must be around 3 minutes and you must discuss how the object is used and how it`s part of the culture. 

Step 5: Then in your body you must also explain how the object represents important values and traditions in the culture.

Step 6: Also in your body please explain why you identify with this culture.

Step 7: Next your conclusion for your speech must be around 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 8: In your conclusion, I want you to review your thesis, then review your main points and lastly provide a memorable closer to end your speech.

Step 9: Follow the Cultural Artifact Speech Outline in the attachment and filled it out appropriately based on the artifact that you are going to bring to class for your speech presentation.

Remember your speech outline must be about 1 or 2 pages in the format described in the Cultural Artifact Outline attachment.

For this speech there are no sources required since you will be bringing in a cultural artifact but if you need to review how to construct your speech review Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 of your textbook of "Public Speaking Approach: An Audience Centered Approach by Steven Bebe. 9th Edition.

Lastly, make sure that whatever you type like your speech and speech outline that it is in Times New Roman Font Size 12.

Notes from me the Student to the Writer:

I think it will be around one page for the written speech and the second page for the speech outline. If for some reason this order exceeds the two pages and would require a third page then just let me know. 

By the way I also included pictures of the full size replica of the Fifa World Cup Trophy so you can have an idea of what my cultural artifact is about. 

Oh and just in case this the book that we are using in my speech class it`s "Public Speaking Approach: An Audience Centered Approach" by Steven Bebe. 9th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0205914630

Thank you in advance for your time it`s very much appreciated.






Speech Outline

FIFA World Cup Trophy

1 Introduction

* Attention getter

Mexico was the first country in the world to host FIFA world cup twice. The country declares to be the number one soccer fun in the world. Mexico has qualified for world cups 15 times and has qualified consecutively since 1994.

* Here is the FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA world cup trophy is an artifact that embodies the culture and traditions of the Mexicans people. During any major match that involves Mexico, many of the activities in the country are paralyzed during the occasion. Many of the celebrities Mexico has to offer are soccer players who inspire and motivate the youth to become successful soccer players as their dream career.

* In this presentation, I posit that FIFA World Cup Trophy is an embodiment of the Mexican culture that incl


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