Death and Dying

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Death and Dying


Your objective in this assignment is to create a chapter that could be used in a textbook. This chapter will teach, demonstrate, and explain a particular theme or concept you have chosen, using examples from our textbook of all three genres (fiction, poetry, and drama) to illustrate that theme. You will include commentary on each work that places it in the context of the theme or concept you have chosen.

The chapter must include four poems, three short stories, and two plays. (Do not scan or copy the works themselves; just use their titles as placeholders.) At least one work in each genre must be from our assigned reading; the others need not be, but they must all be from our textbook. Be sure to cite each work correctly using MLA documentation.

here are the works needed for the chapter:4poems, 3short stories, 2plays

"The Second Coming”, Yeats/poem

"head, heart", Lidia davis/poem

"richard corey", Edwin Robinson/poem

"the ruined maid", thomas hardy/poem

`A Rose for Emily," William Faulkner/short story

"the shabbat", marjane satrapi/short story

"cathedral", raymond carver/short story

Hamlet, Shakespeare/play

"trifles", susan glasplell/play

For example, you might create a chapter on works that deal with childhood, or marriage, or family dynamics, or urban life, or death. Other examples could be quest for dreams, quest for identity, epiphanies, the importance of memory, etc. The chapter will include a close reading of each work and an explanation of how that work embodies the theme you have chosen. Be sure to make connections between the works (for example, comparison and/or contrast) to show how one work’s approach to the theme or concept differs from another’s.

The chapter should be presented in a well-designed, clear format. At least one graphic should be included. In terms of organization, you may wish to model your chapter after those in our textbook; however, feel free to organize your work as you see fit and what suits your style (and would appeal to readers). In general, you could begin your chapter with an overview, then include any definitions if needed. Then, include your selected pieces from each genre, followed by your analysis and research. It will be helpful for readers to provide clear transitions from one genre to the next—i.e. stating that just as in “X,” “Y” displays the same____________. Ultimately, there is no “right” way to format or organize the chapter as long as it is clear and well-written, pleasingly designed, and most important, insightful about the works you choose.


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Death and Dying Michael Scott had served four tours to various parts of the Middle East among them Afghanistan and Iraq. Joining the army in his early twenties, Scott had risen through the ranks to become one of the most esteemed service men in his division. He had finally become a general, one of his childhood dreams and one that he shared with his late father who also a general in the marines. The last few years have been the most dramatic for Scott forcing him to seek counselling from the local veterans hospital. He never thought he would be seating on his front porch alone reminiscing the gone days. In 2012 he lost his dad to cancer and his mother had died seven years earlier after succumbing to Alzheimer’s. He wished that he would have had enough time with them and that he would share his memories with them whenever he could. That’s was not the case at the moment and life did seam unfair and the future bleak for him. Last year but one in January, he had come home to bury his beloved wife and only son. He was called in from his station to witness the horrors of losing the closest family members that he had. They had passed away from a car accident after visiting him. Before his wife left, they had argued about mortgaging the house and moving to a beach house that was on offer. The last thing he remembers was telling his wife that they could not afford it as his promotion was coming on slow and that she was not ...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions