Define and explain social structures and social units. How do different structures interact with each other?

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Sociology: Define and explain social structures and social units


Sociology 101 prompt for coursework assignment: Answer the following four questions. You are expected to address every part of the question and provide a thorough and well written response. I highly encourage you to re-read my power-point presentations we discussed in class regarding Chapters 1 through 3 which I have uploaded to my website on You can use material from my power-points to answer the four questions but be write creative with your answers. No sources are required but if it helps you feel free to use the class text book of Chapters 1 through 3. The total pages required for this assignment 2 to 3 pages max. Good Luck. Question 1). Define and explain social structures and social units. How do different structures interact with each other? Please explore social institutions and their importance in our world. What is a national society? Question 2). What is culture? and by that I mean what is culture to you? Provide a very elaborate and detailed definition for culture and create an example to further illustrate this definition. Explain the meaning of the word "society". How can we understand the difference between culture and society? Question 3). Explain the meaning of ethnocentrism and provide an example to further illustrate this definition. What are the pros and con of ethnocentrism? Question 4). Explain the differences between material culture and non material culture. How have both cultures contributed to our understanding of the world we live in? When we introduce the concept of counterculture, what does counterculture mean and how does it threaten material and non-material culture? Format Guidelines: 2-3 pages max 12 point Font Times New Roman 1 inch margins You can use my power-point presentations and the class textbook to help you answer the questions. Work`s Cited page not required. Notes from the student: Power-point presentations for Sociology 101 Chapters 1 through 3 can be found on the professor`s website here: The Sociology 101 textbook for this class is called: "Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World" by Thomas J. Sullivan, 8th edition. Chapters 1 through 3 are from pages 1 through 87. The ISBN is: 0-205-62806-0

NameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateSociologyQuestion 1A social structure is defined through the social unit that is closely interconnected. It is an intangible phenomenon and people are the units of association. For example class is a form of social structure in the sense that the people in that particular unit share a common class. Members of the social structure have orderly and patterned relationships. The structure is composed of different parts which relate differently according to their status.Different social structures interact with each other based on each other’s’ behavior.Structures engage in a two way process of interaction that operates based on certain rules.The individuals have a need to belong in a social structure to ensure survive and their interaction with each other results in shared goals, cooperation, identity formation, and conflicts. For instance the interaction between the religion social structure and the health care social structure may emerge on issues such as blood transfusion.Social institutions such as religion, sports, family are inherent social structures and they provide the platforms on which social activities occur. Without social institutions, settings that support activities that are essential for human survival would not exist. For instance an economic institution is vital in informing how society obtains basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.A national society is among the largest social units composed of a populace residing in demarcated geographic areas. The populace operates under a unified political leadership. There are many national society under the larger global system that are linked together to fulfill certain purposes. For instance Portugal, Malawi and Australia are na...

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