-define globalization

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24/7 Childcare Global / International Issues Research

Present a formal lecture covering key concepts ideas and points on "24/7 Childcare Global/International Issues". 
Presentation should be supported by research of attached sources in addition to the course textbook (David, F. (2014), Pearson Custom Business Resources, MBA 599, First Custom Edition )
Textbook should be the starting point for your research, but you must also incorporate information from the attached references as well. 
-define globalization 
-how to decide to go global 
-advantages and disadvantages? (357)
-Hiring overseas 
-purchasing products
-US vs foreign cultures (page 361)
Additional sources may be used but do not use non-academic online articles, such as Wikipedia, Forbes, Investopedia, newspapers, etc.
The foundation of presentation should develop and explain the concept of the relevance of the Strategic management Plan of Child Care. Explain the practical/applied nature of the topic. Include examples or applications to illustrate your main points. These examples may be based on work experience, news, current events and /or history. 


24/7 Childcare Global/International Issues Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date Introduction Everyone today would agree with me that the world has moved towards a state of financial, economic, trade and communication approach that are integrated in the society and that impact several spheres of the community we live in (David, 2014). As a result of globalization, we have experienced the opening of both the nationalistic and local perspectives that give and determine the broader outlook of the interconnections and interdependence of the world that allows for the free transfer of services, capital and goods across different platforms. This paper therefore seeks to determine the proponents of globalization. Globalization Defined Globalization as depicted determines the process through which interactions and integrations occur among different people, governments within different countries, and companies as a result of international trade and investment that is spurred and sparkled by the element of technology. This process


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