Define integrity and explain what it means to you.

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Opinion paper

Write a three page opinion paper on the following: 1. Define integrity and explain what it means to you. 2. Is it important to live with integrity? Why or why not. 3. Choose three famous people who, in your opinion, have displayed a lack of integrity at one time or another. Describe the circumstances; explain your choice and how you feel they should have handled the situation. 4. Choose three famous people who displayed integrity when faced with difficult choices. Describe the circumstances; explain your choice and why you admire their decisions. Note: work sites (sources)only for 3 and 4 (famous people)
Opinion PaperName:Course:Professor Name:(June 1, 2012)IntegrityTo me, integrity is a term that is much related to morals. Well I may not have a clear-cut definition of integrity as such but may be according to me, integrity is being honest in one`s speech, actions and life and doing what is right regardless who one is (with or without a title), where one is, whether one is in private and has an opportunity to act alternatively, or who one is with-whether with the right or the wrong company. Integrity according to me calls for consistency in honesty and doing right. I know there are times when one may be able to overcome an ethical issue and emerge victorious in that particular day but other days the person does not watch out on trivial issues like lying over the cell phone concerning the place where one is-that is still not integrity. Integrity is being truthful consistently no matter how painful or costly the truth may be and never wanting to take shortcuts in doing things in life.For me, integrity is a very important virtue in life and it is very important to live with integrity. This is because everyone wants to interact or stay with an honest person who is easy to understand at all well, everyone is looking for a leader in the smallest capacity that is honest and credible. Integrity not only earns someone credibility therefore but also saves one the agony of being many different personalities at different times. What I mean by this is that a person who does not display integrity really goes through a lot of agony trying to ‘fit in ‘everyday by using a new lie. This can be really difficult because one has to learn to cover up every lie every new day and this can be a great effort and can be mentally torturing. However, if someone lives truth, acts truth and says the truth, then it is easier to live every day at ease because one doesn`t have to try and remember what he did, said or acted yesterday in order to match the yesterday`s person with todays because if all is truth, then it will be consistent without much pressure. For me integrity is really important especially in leadership because lack of it can be very costly.Some people struggle with the issue of integrity while others do n...

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